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  • . Born Victoria Adams on April 17, 1974, Posh Spice endured lonely teenage years growing up in London. She wasn't liked in school for two reasons. She had terrible acne and her family was too rich. She had been bullied and insulted by her classmates and especially four girls known as "the Mafia". 

    Dancing was an escape from her loneliness. At eight she had been enrolled at the Jason Theatre School. She studied there until she was seventeen. She was then accepted to study at the Laine Arts Theatre College in Epsom, Surrey. She completed the three year course and set out to find fame and fortune. 

    Seeing an ad in "Stage" magazine for females 18-23 who can sing and dance, she got herself to the audition. She and 400 others were competing for the chance to be one of five needed to form a new band. 

    Victoria became one of the five and the five became the Spice Girls. Those girls who were so mean and thoughtless in school are now sorry for the way they treated her. Victoria has fame, money, an exciting life and she's happy. About those girls from school, she really doesn't care.

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      17 April 1974

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