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  • . Nicolas Cage, a Best Actor Oscar winner, grew up with a great appreciation of art, literature and theatre.  Nicolas and his two brothers were raised by their fater.  His mother was hospitalized for years when Nicolas was a child. 

    Nicolas and his brothers would spend vacations in San Francisco visiting their uncle, director Francis Ford Coppola.  As a teen he had a growing desire to act and spent a summer at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. 

    His love of acting and perserverance landed him a role in an 80s TV series, "The Best of Times".  His first screen role came in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High".  Nicolas changed his last name so he wouldn't get parts because he was a 'Coppola'.  He wanted to win them on his own merit and talent. 

    Cage finally got the public's attention starring opposite Cher in "Moonstruck".  That same year he appeared in the comedy, "Raising Arizona". 

    Cage can pick and choose movies these days especially after his Oscar winning performance in "Leaving Las Vegas".  He can also command the big salaries. 

    Nicolas Lives in Los Angeles. He married actress Patricia Arquette in April 1995. They each have a son from a previous relationship and both have strong show-business family backgrounds. 

    Nicolas and his wife, actress Patricia Arquette divide their time in Los Angeles between their three homes.  Some time is spent in their San Francisco home.  They have a fleet of fancy, expensive European sports cars to get them to and fro. 


    Wednesday, Feb. 24, 1999 - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
    1998 - Blockbuster Entertainment Award - Favorite Actor-Action/Adventure - "Face Off" and also for "Con Air" 
    1997 - Blockbuster Entertainment Award - Favorite Actor-Action/Adventure - "The Rock" 
    1997 - MTV Movie Award - Best On-Screen Duo - with Sean Connery - "The Rock" 
    1996 - Oscar - Best Actor - "Leaving  Las Vegas" 
    1996 - Golden Globe - Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama - "Leaving Las Vegas" 
    1996 - SAG Award - Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role - "Leaving Las Vegas" 
    1995 - LA Film Critics Associaton Award - Best Actor - "Leaving Las Vegas" 
    1995 - National Board of Review Award - Best Actor - "Leaving Las Vegas" 
    1995 - National Society of Film Critics Award - Best Actor - "Leaving Las Vegas" 
    1995 - New York Film Critics Circle Award - Best Actor - "Leaving Las Vegas" 
    1995 - Silver Seashell - Best Actor -  Leaving Las Vegas" 
    Past Films 
    1997 - Face Off 
    1997 - Con Air 
    1996 - The Rock 
    1995 - Kiss of Death 
    1995 - Leaving Las Vegas 
    1994 - Trapped in Paradise 
    1994 - It Could Happen to You 
    1994 - Guarding Tess 
    1994 - A Century of Cinema 
    1993 - Amos & Andrew 
    1993 - Deadfall 
    1992 - Honeymoon in Vegas 
    1992 - Red Rock West 
    1991 - Zandalee 
    1990 - Wild at Heart 
    1990 - Fire Birds 
    1990 - Tempo de uccidere 
    1989 - Vampire's Kiss 
    1988 - Never on Tuesday 
    1987 - Raising Arizona 
    1987 - Moonstruck 
    1986 - The Boy in Blue 
    1986 - Peggy Sue Got Married 
    1984 - Racing with the Moon 
    1984 - Birdy 
    1984 - The Cotton Club 
    1983 - Rumble Fish 
    1983 - Valley Girl 
    1982 - Fast Times at Ridgemont High
    • Nicolas Cage
    • Nicolas Coppola
    • January 7, 1964
    • Long Beach, CA
    • Capricorn
    Nicolas Cage 
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    9830 Wilshire Blvd. 
    Beverly Hills, CA 90212
    Status . City of Angels - 10 April 1998 by Warner Bros. Starring Nicolas Cage (as Seth), Meg Ryan, Andre Braugher, Dennis Franz. 

    Snake Eyes - 19 June 1998 by Paramount. Starring Nicolas Cage (as Detective Rick Santoro), Carla Gugino. John Heard, Alex Nobles, Stan Shaw, Gary Sinise, Kevin Dunn. 

    8 Millimeter - November 1998 by Columbia. Starring Nicolas Cage, Joaquin Phoenix, Bob Clendenin, James Gandolfini. 

    Tom Slick: Monster Hunter - 1998. 

    Defective Detective - 1999. Starring Nicolas Cage. 

    Superman Lives - 1999 by Warner Bros. Starring Nicolas Cage as Superman/Clark Kent. A report in 17 April 1998 Daily Variety says that the project has been delayed with the July 1998 start date moved till at least fall. Produced by Jon Peters. Directed by Tim Burton. Script and budget being reworked. A report in the 23 April 1998 issue of The Wall Street Journal says that Warner Bros. has taken the unsual step of canceling or indefinitely postponing several high-profile movies including "Superman Lives." 

    "Snake Eyes" - 7 August 1998 from Paramount.  Cast:  Nicolas Cage, Gary Senise, Kevin Dunn, Carla Gugino, Luis Guzman, John Heard, Alex Nobles, Stan Shaw. 

    "Bringing Out the Dead" - 1999 release with Nicolas Cage. 

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