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  • . Martin Sheen is an actor who is capable of playing any role.  Lately he's been working alongside his son Charlie Sheen in many of his movies. 

    Sheen had the lead role in "The Subject Was Roses" on Broadway at the age of 24.  His many good reviews paved the way for his Hollywood roles, mostly playing young punks. 

    Martin Sheen has been a staple on the screen as well as TV.  One of his most memorable roles was in "Apocalypse Now".  Sheen had a heart attack during the filming, but it didn't seem to slow him down. 

    Sheen is a mn of causes and sometimes shows up in some out of the way places to lend his support.  Of course he's usually arrested, but it's part of the job. 

    Sheen has his own dynasty of actors.  His four children are all involved in the business, Ramon and Renee Esteves are not as well known as brothers Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen. 


    • Martin Sheen
    • Ramon Estevez
    • August 3, 1940
    • Dayton, OH
    • Leo
    • Martin Sheen
    • c/o Innovatve Artists
    • 1999 Avenue of the Stars
    • Los Angeles, CA 90067
    . "Ambrose Chapel" - 1998 release from Universal Pictures.  Cast includes Téa Leone, Madonna, Liam Neeson, Brad Pitt, Martin Sheen. 

    "No Code of Conduct" - 1998 release.  Cast includes Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen, Joe Lando, Mark Decascos, Courtney Gains, Paul Gleason, Ron Masak, Bruce Nelson, Tina Nguyen, Meredith Salinger. 

    "A Letter From Death Row" - 1 April 1998 release from Sheen/Michaels Entertainment.  Cast includes Bret Michaels, Martin Sheen, Rob Wild. Kristi Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Lorelei Shellist. 

    "Stranger in the Kingdom" - 1998 release.  Cast to date:  Henry Gibson, Martin Sheen. 

    "Gunfighter" - 1998 release from Amazing Movies.  Cast:  Robert Carradine, Clu Gulager, Will Hutchins, Chris Lybbert, Louis Schwiehert, Martin Sheen, Adrienne Stout. 

    "Seeing in the Dark" - 1999 release.  Cast to date:  Louise Fletcher, Robert Forster, Martin Sheen, Terrylene. 

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