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Joseph Fiennes 
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Joseph Fiennes, award-winning actor, star of an Oscar winning Best Picture, is the product of a multi-talented family. 
Joseph Fiennes plays the lead role of Will Shakespeare in the Oscar winning Best Picture - Shakespeare in Love 

Joseph and fraternal twin Jacob were born in Wiltshire, England, but were raised in  West Cork, Ireland.  Joseph attended art school, was a member of the Young Vic Youth Theatre, and trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. 

First Roles 

Fiennes first professional stage appearance was in "The Woman in Black". He then appeared in "A Month in the Coutnry".  He joined the Royal Shakespeare Company and for two seasons appeared in various plays. 

Breakthrough role 

Fiennes had a banner year in the film industry in 1999.  His roles as Robert Dudley in "Elizabeth", and as Will Shakespeare in the Oscar winning Best Picture, "Shakespeare in Love" gained him recognition and critical acclaim. 


Fiennes comes from a large family, his father Mark is a photographer, his late mother Jini Fiennes is better known as the novelist Jennifer Lash.  An older brother is the well known actor, Ralph Fiennes. 


Joseph Alberic Fiennes 
May 27, 1970 
Salisbury, Wiltshire, England 
Gemini (the twins) 
1999 - Broadcast Film Critics Association Award - Breakthrough Artist - "Elizabeth" and "Shakespeare in Love" 
1999 - Chicago Film Critics Association Award - Most Promising Actor - "Shakespeare in Love" 
1999 -SAG Award - Outstanding Performance by a Cast - with the cast of "Shakespeare in Love"
1999 - SAG Award - Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role - "Shakespeare in Love" 
1999 - British Academy Award - Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role - "Shakespeare in Love" 
1999 - Blockbuster Entertainment Award - Favorite Male Newcomer - "Shakespeare in Love"
1998 - Shakespeare in Love . . . Will Shakespeare 
1998 - Elizabeth . . . Robert Dudley 
1998 - Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence . . . Laurence 
1996 - Stealing Beauty . . . Christopher Fox
TV Projects 
1995 - The Vacillations of Poppy Carew . . . Willy
Fan Mail
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"Rancid Aluminium" - 1999 release.  Cast:  Keith Allen, Steven Berkoff, Joseph Fiennes, Tara Fitzgerald, Sadie Frost, Rhys Irans, Nick Moran. 

"Forever Mine" - 1999 release.  Cast:  Joseph Fiennes, Ray Liotta, Gretchen Mol, Vincent Laresca, Myk Watford. 
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"Shakespeare in Love : A Screenplay
by Marc Norman, Tom Stoppard 
Paperback - 208 pages (March 1999) 
Hyperion Press; ISBN: 0786884851
"Elizabeth (1998)
Director: Shekhar Kapur 
Cate Blanchett ------ as Elizabeth I 
Geoffrey Rush ------ as Sir Francis Walsingham  
Joseph Fiennes ----- as Robert Dudley 
Richard Attenborough -- Sir William Cecil 
Rated: R 
Not for sale to persons under age 18. 
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Region 1 encoding (for use in US and Canada only) 
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Fan Comments
11 May - For me, Joseph Fiennes has been critically underestimated and overshadowed by the leading ladies of his latest films "Elizabeth" and "Shakespeare in Love". Without his powerful performances in both, the romantic allure would have been lost. His stare pins his partner and the audience at the same time. Leaving the theater, I had to ask myself, what was it about each of these films that had me so entranced? Joseph Fiennes. His humanity shines through with his regret at having betrayed his Elizabeth, and his portrayal of Shakespeare is so convincing and multifaceted that we all feel we know the bard when he's lost his love.

9 May - i love, love love, his eyes. he is now to me the most beautiful man on the planet! he has replaced antonio in my dreams!  oh to be swept away by joseph would be heaven!!!  thanx for listening ! peace&love=happiness, my rule of life.  ttfn...  SMILE!!!!!!

8 May - you captivate me with your eyes. your voice is silky against my skin. you dear, to me are god. I am forever captivated by you. I for ever will be captivated by you.  peace&love always!!!  

21 Apr - No hablo Ingles, pero quisiera comentar sobre el Actor Joseph Fiennes, Admiro mucho el trabajo que hasta hoy he visto de este actor, tiene la cualidad de hacer que sientas lo que se esta expresando de una manera extraodinaria. Sus papeles romanticos son muy cautivadores lo que hace que te enamores de las peliculas y admires a las personas que representan estos sueños tan increibles que hoy en dia podemos disfrutar acudiendo al cine. Mis mas sinceras felicitaciones por realizar de una manera tan real su trabajo, espero que su carrera cresca dia con dia y nos de mas de lo que ya hemos visto. Como ultimo comentario me gustan mucho sus pecas en la espalda. Mariana, México D.F.  

15 Apr - Joseph, you sound ( from the interviews ) like the nicest person I've ever come across, and you're the sexiest guy I've ever seen (That I've seen for myself ). My heart thumps when I watch you. Your voice even makes me warm. Why could I not have been born in the UK as your next door neighbor and friend? I hope one day I can get the opportunity and blessing to meet you. Come for a holiday here and take me away with you. I would love to spend the rest of my life in Ireland or anywhere you choose. I'll watch your sublime acting talent day in and day out. You are the best actor this planet has ever raised. Thank you for uplifting the standards of acting forever. You're BRILLIANT!!! -- Alister, South Africa 

10 Apr - This is the stupidest thing I have ever done....  I have read all the fan-mail, debating Joseph Fiennes, and I at one point imagined how Mr. Fiennes probably would feel, did he read most of the letters. -Now, I'm not saying that it's a bad thing, this fan-mail, and all, but I just think that we who are his fan, I myself a major one, should give him the respect he deserves. Okay, so he's got a cute face, a handsome body, and most of all he's a great, GREAT actor, but to sit by ones computer, commenting on how amazingly sexy, gorgeous and hunky he is, for me seems kind of horney and dirty. -If one really believes that one would love to sleep with him, shouldn't one have the good-will as to leave such utterings in ones journals? Because, come on, I know Joe's gorgeous, and I'm as impressed by him as the next lass, but can't we try to dedicate these fan letters to great acting talent, and not the fact that he may have the cutest butt around? Dedicated fan, Iceland 

4 Apr - I think Joesph is the sexyest man alive in this world. For real I'm not the type of person that fell for those other actors like Leo or brad pitt. But he is so good looking and his back ahhhhh his back. I want to start a fan club he is so good looking and yet he seems like such a sweet nice person. I'll def. with out a doubt see his next movie no questions asked. -- fan from Japan 

1 Apr - hello, I had just read your home page, and I read with surprise that many of your fans don't know how to write in English, but one thing it's sure, they admire your so much, and so am I.  I haven't seen your last film " Shakespeare in love" but I had hear many good comments about it.  Then, I saw you on T.V. when you had received your prize, ¡¡¡ Congratulations !!!! I hope that your carreer continued in advance and in a short time, you can achieve your most highest ideals.  My nephew, who had written to your last time, March 27 th, admire to you so much, and had hung your posters in her room, she had seen your last film almost five times, and each time she falls  in love for you. Ok, good luck, and I hope you can answer this little note. -- Ana, from Colombia 

1 Apr - Few things about him: I think I can resist everything except his eyes--> they're kinda magnetic. He's not the simply handsome actor just like Di Caprio or Brad Pitt; he's very passionate and shy and his smiles takes your breath away. -- Chiara, Fracassi, Italy 

30 Mar - I'm an italian actress,and I've always been in love with Shakespeare. Now, I'm " in love" with Joseph Fiennes too. He's a great actor and an amazing man. -- Georgia, from Italy 

27 Mar - Well, I don´t speak english very good, but a I think that Joseph is the most actor in this year, ´cause he has talent and figure, Joseph´s eyes are beautiful, when you view the movies, seems that he fly, he dream, and he doesn´t need to talk...he a wind, he is as dream or poem... 
I´m colombian, I´m advertiser and poetry and a I like the art, a have 26 years old ... I want to take a picture, poster to him and to talk him that I am THE MOST FAN and I love his eyes, because are as the fantasy... Thank for all -- Marcela, from Colombia 

27 Mar - hello joseph i'm sara from san marino. i do you do? i'm fne. you're the best actor in the world. BYE SARA, from San Marino 

27 Mar - Joseph, I live at a country of which, certainly, you don't know, in the periphery of the world, a called country Brazil. A poor and socially unequal country. A country that has a party of the happiness, the Carnival, but a sad people. I was sad in the day in that I saw you for the first time. I attended the film " Shakespeare In Love " and I was absolutely fascinated with your glance, with your eyes that are two peaceful oceans, full of tenderness, full of beauty, replete of soul. Your work is very beautiful, you have peacefulness and truth. The soul overflows in each sequence of the film. Excuse, but I was impassioned by you. From here, from so far away, I send positive thoughts and the desire of a lot of success in your career. A fraternal hug. -- Ricardo, from Brazil 

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