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Jena Malone 
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Born on November 21, 1984, Jena Malone is already recognized as an excellent young actress. She is also collecting an adoring group of loyal fans. 
Jena News
The Howie Mandel Show - Jena Malone will be a guest on The Howie Mandel Show Tuesday, 
January 19.  Check local listings for station/time. 
Jena's Background
Jena was born in Lake Tahoe Nevada and moved to Southern California. Her mother was active in community theater so Jena got very comfortable around the theater at an early age. She will next move to New York to attend the Professional Chidren's School. 

Interests - Jena loves math and has a great interest in the Renaissance.  She also loves the music of all the great composers.  Jena is homeschooled and feels that it has helped her to excel in all of her subjects. She also loves to kickbox and likes to figure out her computer. She spends hours on the Internet. 

Goal - Jena's main goal is to be a director.  She feels that as a director you can put a little of yourself into every part. 

Family - She has a baby sister (born in 1997). 
Jena's Awards

  • Golden Globe - 1998 - Best Supporting Actress in a TV Movie - "Hope"
  • Independent Spirit Award - 1997 - Best Debut Performance - "Bastard Out of Carolina"
  • SAG Award - 1997 - Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a TV Movie or Miniseries - "Bastard Out of Carolina"
1998 - Saturn Award - Best Performance by a Younger Actress - "Contact"
Jena's Bio
Jena Malone 
November 21, 1984 
Lake Tahoe, NV 
Jena's Fan Mail
 Remember for all fan mail, always send a self addressed stamped envelope along with your mail so they can send you a reply. 
Jena Malone 
c/o International Creative Management 
8942 Wilshire Boulevard 
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Jena's Films
Stepmom - 1998 -------------------- as Anna 
Ellen Foster - 1997 (TV) ---------- as Ellen Foster 
Hope -1997 (TV) ------------------- as Lilly Kate Burns 
Contact - 1997 ---------------------- as Young Ellie 
Bastard Out of Carolina -1996 ---- as Bone 
Hidden in America - 1996 (TV) --- as Willo Januson
"Ellen Foster"  -  Jena played the role of Ellen Foster, a brave, motherless, little girl who overcomes terrible abuse from members of her family to find happiness. 

"Hope" - Taking place in the 50s, Jena plays Lilly Kate Burns, a girl entering her teens.  If she wants to realize her dreams, she must leave the little town of Hope.  Lilly Kate is intrigued when a young black man arrives in town. 

"Contact"  -  Jena studied ham radio for her role as the young Ellie, the main character, who grows up to become a radio astronomer.  Jodie Foster played Ellie grown up. 

"Bastard Out of Carolina"  -  Jena won critical acclaim for her powerful portrayal of Bone, a victim of child abuse. 
Jena's Projects Status
"Stepmom" - 25 December 1998 release by Sony. Cast: Liam Aiken, Ed Harris, Jena Malone, Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon. Directed by Chris Columbus. Filming started on 22 September 1997 in New York and New Jersey but has since been completed. Comedy drama. 

"The Books of Stars" - 1999 release.  Cast:  Jena Malone, Mary Stuart Masterson, D.B. Sweeney. 

"For Love of the Game" - 1999 release.  Cast:  Kevin Costner, Brian Cox, Carmine Giovinazzo, Richard T. Jones, Jena Malone, Kelly Preston, John C. Reilly. 
Jena's Links

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