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James Van Der Beek 
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Born on March 8, 1977, James Van Der Beek, his name is Dutch for "by the brook", is the star of the controversial hit "Dawson's Creek". 
James' News
James Van Der Beek plays "Mox" in Varsity Blues - 15 January 1999 release Paramount film.
James' Background
Growing Up - James Van Der Beek grew up in Cheshire, CT.  A concussion at 13 prompted the switch from sports to acting.  He began his acting career in community theater, advancing to off-Broadway then to movies, before landing the plum lead role in "Dawson's Creek".  Van Der Beek has taken a leave from his studies at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey.  He's completed two years on an academic scholarship, majoring in English and Sociology. 

Family - James' Connecticut-based family consists of his father, Jim, mother, Melinda, a brother, Jared and sister, Juliana. 


Baby James
Leisure Time 
Enjoys playing guitar, reading, sleeping

Director - Steven Spielberg, but would also like to work with Stanley Kubrick, Oliver Stone or Milos Forman. 

Book - "Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man" by James Joyce. 

Shorts - Boxer shorts.  For anyone interested. 

Beginning - The first role James had was the lead in "Grease" playing the hot greaser Danny Zulko in a community theater production. 

Off-Broadway - James had a role in Edward Albee's "Finding the Sun". 

Connecticut - Famous Goodspeed Opera House in Connecticut,  James was cast in the musical "Shenandoah". 

Silver Screen 
"Angus" - His first time on the screen was in this 1995 comedy.  Van Der Beek was cast in the role of Rick Sandford, basic high school trouble-maker.  He was the football jock who sets up Angus (a large, pitiful kid) to be chosen to dance with Melissa at the Winter Ball. Melissa is the pretty, popular, prom-queen type, who Angus has a crush on. 

"I Love You, I Love You Not" - Van Der Beek joined aspiring actress Claire Danes as a fellow high school student in the coming of age tribute to Anne Frank. 

TV Screen 

"Dawson's Creek" - This controversial prime-time series follows the struggle of four teens coping with the changes in their world as they mature.  Set on the coast in the Boston area. 

James, in the title role plays Dawson Leery, a Steven Spielberg wannabe. Dawson's best friend Joey realizes that her feelings for Dawson are changing from platonic, placing a strain on their relationship.  Not helping matters, Jen moves in next door to Dawson.  Dawson sees Joey as just a friend, but Jen stirs new feelings, which causes problems with Joey. 

Pacey, the fourth character, wants a relationship of his own and finds it with one of his high school teachers.

James' Awards

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James' Bio
James Van Der Beek 
March 8, 1977 
Cheshire, CT 
Height - 6'
James' Fan Mail
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James Van Der Beek 
c/o The WB Network 
4000 Warner Blvd. 
Burbank, CA 91522
James' Films
    1998 - Varsity Blues . . . Jonathan 'Mox' Moxon
    1996 - I Love You, I Love You Not . . . Tony
    1995 - Angus . . . Rick
James' TV
1998 - Dawson's Creek . . . Dawson Leery
1991 - Clarissa Explains It All . . . Paulie
James' Projects Status

James' Related Items
"James Van Der Beek (Scene, 7)"
Reading level: Ages 9-12
Paperback - 32 pages (March 1999)
Aladdin Paperbacks; ISBN: 0689825463 

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