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  • . Taylor Hanson, the middle man of Hanson, is the lead singer of the group. Most fans find Taylor a major heartthrob.  He was born on March 14, 1983 (Pisces). 

    Taylor enjoys touring.  He thinks it's fun and wild and a great opportunity.  He gets to experience all kinds of things, he had fun playing cricket in Australia.  These are things he says he'll cherish for a lifetime. 

    Taylor or Tay as he likes to be called, can't get over what fans will go through to see them and the things they make for them.  Girls in Taiwan followed them all over, taking cabs everywhere.  On girl sent a pinata of a UFO. 

    Tay wants to be able to look back on his life and remember all the fun he had in these first years of popularity.  He thinks you should work hard at what you're doing and have fun doing it. 

    As far as the people Tay has met, one of his favorite singers, Jewel, and also Gwen Stefani. 

    Tay doesn't have a girlfriend at the moment, and sometimes responds to fan mail.  Hint, hint. 

    You can read all about Taylor in a book called: 

    "Taylor Hanson: Totally Taylor" by Nancy Krulik, published by Pocket Books. It's in bookstores now.

    Bio - See the comparison Hanson Birthday Countdown Table

      14 March 1983
      Blue eyes
      Blond hair
      5 ft 7 in
    . Grammy's - 25 February 1998 on CBS. Hanson, with 3 Grammy nominations, will perform at the Grammy's. 

    "Weird" - Upcoming release of their new single "Weird" and a music video of the song will follow. 

    Hanson MMMBop To The Top - Unauthorized Biography - written by Jill Matthews for Pocket Books. 

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