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  • . Isaac Hanson, the oldest of the Hanson men plays guitar and piano for the musical trio.  Isaac was born on November 17, 1980 (Scorpio).  Ike, his nickname, wrote his first song, "Rain Falling Down" at the tender age of nine.  Most kids that age are still learning how to write.  At eleven he started performing and got his first guitar at a pawn shop when he was fourteen.  He likes to name his guitars, one is Hannah, another Kiesha, and his newest at the moment is nameless. 

    Ike can't believe that they're thought of as stars, and in such a short time.  He thinks the opportunity they have to travel is incredible.  Isaac loves the fans, but the screaming can be a bit too much especially when they're trying to play.  It's hard to hear yourself he says, especially at places like Melbourne, Australia when they were supposed to play before a crowd of 16,000 that turned into 25,000.  He misses the comfort of home, but his brothers are his best friends so that makes it easier to be on the road. 

    A native of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Ike feels that fame puts you in a spotlight where weird things came happen.  Good and bad.  Well, not really so bad, but silly rumors are always surfacing, like girlfriends that he's had or cars that he drives.  He is the only Hanson, by the way, with a driver's license.  A 'good' thing would be the people they have the opportunity to meet.  Ike met Cindy Crawford who he thinks is gorgeous. 

    For the future Ike says they plan on touring, but the dates haven't been set, hopefully by the end of spring.

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      17 November 1980
      Brown eyes
      Dark Blond hair
      5 ft 10 in
    . Grammy's - 25 February 1998 on CBS. Hanson, with 3 Grammy nominations, will perform at the Grammy's. 

    "Weird" - Upcoming release of their new single "Weird" and a music video of the song will follow. 

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