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Biography . Claire Danes, she started getting attention in the short lived 1994 TV series "My So-Called Life" where she played Angela. 

Background - Claire Danes, like many young women, studied dance as a young girl. However, unlike most 9 year-old girls, Claire had the privilege and likely the talent to study acting at the Lee Strasberg Studio. Most actors would sell their souls for the opportunity. Claire also attended the Professional Performing Arts School in New York. In addition to Claire's dancing and acting, she also studied gynmastics for many years. 

Claire Danes professional career started slowly with a TV appearance on "Law and Order". Claire then had the opportunity to audition for Steven Spielberg's "Schindler's List" and also for the TV series " My So Called Life". Claire Danes was offered a small role in the movie, but due to schooling problems in Poland, where Claire would be filming, Claire decided to take the series instead. 

"My So Called Life" was a favorite with the critics, but never really got the numbers that a show needs to stay around. So it was cancelled after one year. However, Claire had a following. Claire Danes had loyal fans and Claire was an actress in demand. 

Claire Danes was cast as Beth March in "Little Women" and following that had many small but impressive movie roles. Then Claire was back to Spielberg, in a round about way. Claire was cast in "How To Make an American Quilt" playing the young version of Anne Bancroft's characater. The movie was produced by Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment. 

Claire Danes knows who to hang around with, Anne Bancroft again as her grandmother in "Home For The Holidays" which also starred Holly Hunter as her mother. Since she was a little girl, Claire's idol had been Jodie Foster and Claire was thrilled to get to work with her on this picture. 

Following was Claire's first starring role, playing opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in "Romeo and Juliet". Claire's next big film was "The Rainmaker" in which she appeared with Matt Damon. 


Tuesday, August 10 The Late Show with David Letterman  on CBS 


1997 - ShoWest Award - Female Star of Tomorrow 
1997 - MTV Movie Award - Best Female Performance - "Romeo + Juliet" 
1997 - Blockbuster Entertainment Award - Favorite Actress/Romance - "Romeo + Juliet" 
1995 - Golden Globe - Best Performance by an Actress in a TV Series - Drama - "My So-Called Life"
1998 - Blockbuster Entertainment Award - Favorite Supporting Actress - Drama - "The Rainmaker" 
1997 - MTV Movie Award - Best Kiss - w/Leonardo DiCaprio - "Romeo + Juliet" 
1997 - MTV Movie Award - Best On-Screen Duo - w/Leonardo DiCaprio - "Romeo + Juliet"
1999 - Mod Squad ... Julie Barnes 
1998 - Les Misérables .... Cosette  
1998 - Polish Wedding .... Chala Pzoniak  
1997 - The Rainmaker .... Kelly Riker  
1997 - U Turn .... Jenny  
1997 - Mononoke Hime .... San (English voice)  
1996 - Romeo + Juliet .... Juliet  
1996 - To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday .... Rachel Lewis  
1996 - I Love You, I Love You Not .... Daisy  
1995 - Home for the Holidays .... Kitt  
1995 - How to Make an American Quilt .... Young Glady Jo  
1994 - Little Women .... Beth March  
1990 - Dreams of Love
TV Projects 
1994 - "My So-Called Life" (Series) .... Angela Chase (age 15) 
1994 - More Than Friends: The Coming Out of Heidi Leiter .... Katie Leiter 
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. "Monterey Pop" - 1999 release. Staring Claire Danes and Ethan Hawke

"Brokedown Palace" - 1999 release from 20th Century Fox. Stars Claire Danes, Kate Beckinsale, Lou Diamond Phillips, Amanda DeCadenet, Daniel Lapaine and Bill Pullman

"Flora Plum" - 2000 release.  Cast to date:  Claire Danes, Jodie Foster. 

"Conjugating Niki" - 2000 release with Claire Danes. 

"Head Over Heels" - 2000 release.  Cast to date: Claire Danes. 

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