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  • . Nick Carter is the freckle faced young man who sings in the hot group known as the Backstreet Boys.  Nick Carter, Nicky to his family, is the oldest of five children.  Nick started his career when he was just a toddler.  He would entertain customers at his fathers' Yankee Rebel Lounge. 

    The family moved to Tampa Bay and by the time Nick was in fourth grade he was acting and dancing and appeared in "Phantom Of The Opera".  His great singing voice got Nick the fun job of singing in halftime shows for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  He did this for two years. 

    By the time Nick Carter was 15 he had appeared in commercials and was auditioning for TV roles. It was at an audition for a Nickelodeon series where Nick met A.J. McLean and Howie Dorough.  None of them got the job, but the three had spent the waiting hours harmonizing and realized they had something good.  When they met up with Brian Littrell and Kevin Richardson it was the beginning of the Backstreet Boys. 

    Nick and Brian hit it off and became best friends in the group.  Brian says Nick is so full of life and energy and he is amazed that such a big voice can come from this little guy. 

    Nick is the practical joker of the group.  He'll do anything he can think of to them. But there is revenge, once the guys threw Nick out of the dressing room, dressed only in his underwear, in front of a group of girls. 

    Nick is serious about his job with the Backstreet Boys.  They have a dream to fulfill and Nick is doing his part to make it happen.  Nick works hard to improve his dancing and singing.  And he has a favorite musical instrument, the drums.  He's been taking lessons and has become good enough to play, on stage, during their show. 

    Nick Carter is the youngest of the Backstreet Boys and gets lots of attention from the girls.  He's not ready for a steady girl, he'd rather pal around with girls who are just friends.  When he is ready Nick likes brunettes.  But Nick says a girl who is fun and nice and treats him like a human outweighs hair color. 

    When Nick has time to relax he likes to take the family boat cruising around the Florida Keys.  He says it's like a paradise and a great place to get away from it all. 

    If Nick had that one special person he would like to share his love of the Keys.  Nick says, "If I had to do something romantic I would take her to the beach when the sun is going down.  The sky would be full of stars, and apart from the sound of the sea, it would be a very quiet and intimate moment." 

    Nick says he's just a pretty normal guy.  He enjoys the work he's doing, the experiences and people he has encountered, but his family means the most to him.  In Nick's words, "I'm a really peaceful person.  I don't believe in being mean to anyone.  That's something I get from my family." 

    Nick's Facts 

      Nicholas Gene Carter 
      Nicky, Nick (preferred) 
      January 28, 1980 
      Jamestown, New York 
    • Food:  Pizza, McDonald's
    • Color:  Green
    • Actress:  Sigourney Weaver
    • Movie:  Aliens
    • Music:  Nirvana, Michael Jackson
    • TV Shows:  Beavis & Butt-head, Mad About You
    • Pets:  Boo Boo (terrier), Pinky (cat)
    And you probably knew that Nick 
    • usually shares a hotel room with Brian on the road
    • hunts down a McDonald's instead of eating the local food in foreign cities
    • is the biggest prankster of the group
    • once gave their manager, Donna Wright, gum that tasted like fish
    • and Kevin are most likely to get into a friendly argument
    • likes to draw comic book characters
    • is a licensed scuba diver
    • likes Camaros and Stingrays
    • started playing drums when he was fourteen
    • favorite holiday is Halloween
    • says that he would definitely date a fan
    Fan Mail - send business-sized, self-addressed, stamped envelope to: 
      Backstreet Boys 
      P.O. Box 618203 
      Orlando, Florida 32861
    Backstreet Boys 
    • A.J. ---------- Alexander James "A. J." McLean
    • Brian --------- Brian "B-Rok©"Littrell
    • Howie D.  --- Howard "Howie D." Dorough
    • Kevin -------- Kevin Richardson
    • Nick --------- Nick Carter.
    . Touring the US and Europe February thru May 1998. 
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