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  • . Kevin Richardson, although a young man, is the oldest and most serious member of the Backstreet Boys.  Kevin Richardson is the cousin of Brian Littrell, another member of the group.  Growing up in Lexington, Kentucky, Kevin and his family lived on a ten acre farm where he rode horses and dirt bikes.  He loved school and played little league football. 

    Kevin's musical talents began early in life.  He grew up singing in church, often singing duets with his mother.  Kevin was a high school freshman when he got his first keyboard, it was just a short time before he was entertaining in restaurants and at weddings. 

    Kevin's theatrical experience was in musicals, performing in community theater productions of "Bye Bye Birdie" and "Barefoot In The Park". Soon Kevin took off to pursue a career in entertainment. 

    Arriving in Orlando, Kevin was hired by Walt Disney World to play Aladdin in stage shows and in the daily parades.  A friend told Kevin about a group called the Backstreet Boys that was auditioning singers. His voice and personality landed him the job.  He introduced his cousin Brian to the guys and the Backstreet Boys were complete. 

    Kevin admits that he is shy, but will always take time to have photos taken with children or signing autographsfor them.  He loves kids and looks forward to someday being a father.  His taste in girls goes beyond looks.  His perfect mate would have a nice smile, be smart and have a great sense of humor. 

    Being the oldest of the group, Kevin takes on the responsibility of being the one to keep the others in line.  He's a perfectionist, a responsible professional in a big brother role. 

    Ask Kevin about the hard work and sacrifice needed to achieve their goal, he is quoted, "Backstreet Boys is our life now.  Right now we're pretty much eating, sleeping and living it.  When you're a singer on stage, of course you can see the reaction of the people, and that's the greatest feeling of all.  That's what we're here for.  It's a natural high.  When you see someone singing your song, it's pretty wild.  It can almost make you want to cry". 

    Kevin Facts 

      Kevin Scott Richardson 
      October 3, 1972 
      Lexington, Kentucky 
    • Color ............. Royal blue, purple, black
    • Food ............. Mexican, Asian
    • Music ........... R Kelly, Prince, Babyface, Teddy Riley
    • Movies ......... Top Gun, The Shawshank Redemption
    • TV Shows ..... Roseanne, Martin
    • Film Stars ..... Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman
    • Pet ............... Quincy, a black cat
    And you probably knew that Kevin 
    • spent eight years of his life living in a log cabin
    • craves peanut butter
    • takes an envelope of family pictures on the road
    • loves to explore new cultures and sample exotic food
    • is likely to get into a friendly argument with Nick
    • plays keyboards on their tour
    • has two secret nicknames, Boo and Pumpkin
    • once played Aladdin at Disney MGM Studios
    • hates arrogant people
    • would like to star in a movie
    • is a qualified ballroom dance instructor
    Fan Mail - send business-sized, self-addressed, stamped envelope to: 
      Backstreet Boys 
      P.O. Box 618203 
      Orlando, Florida 32861
    Backstreet Boys 
    • A.J. ---------- Alexander James "A. J." McLean
    • Brian --------- Brian "B-Rok©"Littrell
    • Howie D.  --- Howard "Howie D." Dorough
    • Kevin -------- Kevin Richardson
    • Nick --------- Nick Carter.
    . Touring the US and Europe February thru May 1998. 
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