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  • . Howie Dorough, the young man with the big voice, is a member of the hot group the Backstreet Boys.  Howie Dorough, also known as Howie D, Sweet D, and Latin Lover is the youngest of five children of Puerto Rican and Irish descent. 

    Howie knew that he wanted to perform since he was seven.  He and his eleven year old sister were in a production of "The Wizard of Oz". Howie played a munchkin and his sister was Glenda, The Good Witch. 

    Howie's first love was music and he was cast in many community theater productions of top musicals, among them "Camelot", "The Sound of Music" and "Showboat".  His acting led to a Disney World commercial and roles in "Welcome Freshmen" a pilot for a Nickelodeon series, and in the films "Parenthood" and "Cop and a Half".  Howie is very close to his family. He keeps in touch while on the road by mailing postcards, calling, and even sends videos home.  He's always buying gifts for his whole family from all the places the Boys visit. 

    Now what does the "Latin Lover" think about girls?  What type of girl catches his eye?  Howie definitely likes girls, but doesn't have a steady.  His work keeps him too busy for a relationship.  When the right one comes along, he may get more serious about taking time for a partnership.  Who would that one special person be?  She'd be blonde, good personality, fun-loving, and a good conversationalist.  He likes girls who have a positive outlook on life and have dreams of their own. He says he appreciates a girl who is "Someone who knows what she wants in life and how to go about getting it". 

    On the Backstreet Boys - Howie is very excited that the musical style that caused a sensation in Europe is now topping the charts in the U.S. 

    Howie Facts 

      Howard Dwaine Dorough 
      Howie D, Latin Lover, Sweet D 
      August 22, 1973 
      Orlando, Florida 
      Food:  Asian 
      Color:  Purple 
      Music:  Bobby Brown, Jon Secada 
      Book:  The Firm by John Grisham 
      Movie:  The Outsiders 
      Film Star:  Tom Hanks
    And you probably knew that Howie 
    •  tries the local food when visiting foreign cities
    •  was named "Mr. Neat" by the group
    •  loses his luggage a lot
    •  is also known as "Mr. Mediator" - settling arguments within the group
    •  double dates with his sister, Pollyanna
    •  loves to go clubbing
    •  wears a baseball cap so he won't be recognized
    •  does push-ups and stomach crunches before going to bed
    •  had the same voice coach as A.J.
    •  videotapes everyone when the Boys are on tour
    •  admits he's a perfectionist
    •  is the one who hits those high notes
    Fan Mail - send business-sized, self-addressed, stamped envelope to: 
      Backstreet Boys 
      P.O. Box 618203 
      Orlando, Florida 32861
    Backstreet Boys 
    • A.J. --------- Alexander James "A. J." McLean
    • Brian ------- Brian "B-Rok©"Littrell
    • Howie D. -- Howard "Howie D." Dorough
    • Kevin ------- Kevin Richardson
    • Nick -------- Nick Carter.
    . Touring the US and Europe February thru May 1998. 
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