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Brendan Fraser 
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Best Actor award winner, Brendan Fraser, is capturing critical acclaim as well as hearts.  It's been quoted that "Brendan Fraser is a pleasure in every film he's in". 
Brendan's News
Brendan can be seen in the movie "Blast From the Past" - 12 February 1999 New Line release. 

Wednesday, 11 August 1999 Live with Regis and Kathie Lee (repeat from 11 Feb)
Brendan's Background
Brendan Fraser's Background 

Brendan was born in Indianapolis.  his father's career as a Canadian tourist official afforded Brendan, and his three older brothers, the unique opportunity of living in various parts of the country and also Canada andEurope.  Brendan has dual citizenship as an American and a Canadian.  Brendan holds a BA from the Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington. 

Brendan's First Roles 

Brendan began his acting on the stage in such dramas as "Waiting for Godot" and "A Midsummer Night's Dream".  He was a member of Seattle's Intiman Theater and the Laughing Horse Summer Theater in Ellensburg, WA. 

Brendan's TV Debut 

Brendan moved to California in 1991 and was cast in two dramatic TV movies, "Guilty Until Proven Innocent" and "Child of Darkness, Child of Light." 

Brendan Fraser's Screen Debut 

Brendan was cast as the Cro-Magnon man in "Encino Man".  The movie wasn't a favorite of the critics, but it opened a door for Brendan Fraser.  He was cast in the role of a Jewish kid in "School Ties".  This role proved his ability to play serious dramatic parts. 

Brendan's Family 

Brendan married Afton Smith in September 1998.  His parents are Peter and Carol, his three older brothers are Kevin, Sean, and Regan. 

Brendan's Bio 

Brendan James Fraser 
December 3, 1968 
Indianapolis, Indiana 
Brown hair, Blue eyes 
Brendan's Awards 
1997 - Golden Space Needle Award - Best Actor - "Still Breathing"
Brendan's Nominations 
1998 - Blockbuster Entertainment Award - Favorite Actor/Actress - Family - "George of the Jungle"
Brendan Fraser Films 
1999 - Blast from the Past .... Adam Webber 
1998 - Gods and Monsters .... Clayton Boone  
1998 - Still Breathing .... Fletcher McBracken  
1997 - George of the Jungle .... George  
1996 - Glory Daze .... Doug  
1996 - Mrs. Winterbourne .... Hugh/Bill Winterbourne  
1996 - Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy .... Placebo patient (cameo)  
1995 - Now and Then .... Vietnam Veteran  
1995 - The Passion of Darkly Noon .... Darkly Noon  
1994 - In the Army Now .... Link  
1994 - The Scout .... Steve Nebraska  
1994 - Airheads .... Chazz  
1994 - With Honors .... Monty  
1993 - Younger and Younger .... Winston Younger  
1993 - Son in Law .... Link  
1993 - Twenty Bucks .... Sam Mastrewski  
1992 - Encino Man .... Link  
1992 - School Ties .... David Greene  
1991 - Dogfight .... Sailor #1
Brendan Fraser TV Projects 
1996 - The Twilight of the Golds .... David Gold 
1991 - Guilty Until Proven Innocent .... Bobby McLaughlin  
1991 - Child of Darkness, Child of Light .... Johns Friend
Brendan's Fan Mail
Send business-sized, self-addressed, stamped envelope to: 
Brendan Fraser 
C/O William Morris Agency 
151 S El Camino Dr 
Beverly Hills CA 90212-2775
Brendan's Projects
"Sinbad: Beyond the Veil of Mists" - 1999 release, animation.  Voice cast:  Brendan Fraser, Jennifer Hale, Mark Hamill, Leonard Nimoy, John Rhys-Davies. 

"Ringside" - 1999 release.  Cast:  Halle Berry, Brendan Fraser, Anthony Quinn, Paul Sorvino. 

"Dudley Do-Right" - 1999 release.  Cast:  Brendan Fraser, Alfred Molina, Sarah Jessica Parker, Robert Prosky, Regis Philbin, Kathie Lee Gifford, Eric Idle. 

"The Mummy" - 1999 Universal release.  Cast:  Stephen Dunham, Brendan Fraser, John Hannah, Arnold Vaslov, Rachael Weisz. 
Brendan's Related Items
"School Ties (1992) Starring: Brendan Fraser
Rated:  PG-13 
Starring: Brendan Fraser, et al. 
Director: Robert Mandel 
Edition Details: 
NTSC format (for use in US and Canada only) 
Color, Closed-captioned, HiFi Sound, Dolby, Surround Sound, NTSC 
Number of tapes: 1 
ASIN: 6302728665
"George of the Jungle (1997) Starring: Brendan Fraser
Rated: PG 
Starring: Brendan Fraser, et al. 
Edition Details: 
NTSC format (for use in US and Canada only) 
Color, Closed-captioned, Dolby, NTSC 
ASIN: 0788809806
"George of the Jungle (1997) Starring: Brendan Fraser
Rated:  PG 
Starring: Brendan Fraser, et al. 
Director: Sam Weisman 
Edition Details: 
Region 1 encoding (for use in US and Canada only) 
Color, Closed-captioned, Dolby, HiFi Sound, Surround Sound, AC-3 
Theatrical trailer(s) 
Full-screen format 
Number of discs: 1 
ASIN: 6304711867
"Mrs. Winterbourne (1996)
Rated:  PG-13 
Starring: Ricki Lake, et al 
Director: Richard Benjamin 
Edition Details: 
NTSC format (for use in US and Canada only) 
Color, Closed-captioned, HiFi Sound, Surround Sound, NTSC 
ASIN: 0800179609
Brendan's Links

Brendan Fraser's Links 

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