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Adam Sandler 
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Adam Sandler, his many talents, he is a comedian, actor, writer. 
Adam's News
Adam Sandler starred in the "The WaterBoy" released 6 November 1998 from Touchstone Pictures placed first at the box office with an extremely strong $39 million opening weekend. 
Adam's Background
Background - Adam was a regular on "Saturday Night Live" in the early 90s. He began as a stand-up comedian at a club in Boston and eventually made his way to the comedy clubs in LA. 

Adam has appeared in some comedy bombs, "Coneheads", "Mixed Nuts", and "Airheads". However, on SNL his comedic and writing talents gained popularity for his characters, Cajunman, Canteen Boy, Iraqi Pete, and Operaman. 

Sandler has a faithful following and he's a hot commodity on the comedy club circuit. He's making more movies now, most with substance and the possibility to be hits. 


Adam Sandler 
September 9, 1966 
Brooklyn, NY 
1998 - MTV Movie Award - Best Kiss (shared with Drew Barrymore) - "The Wedding Singer" 
1996 - MTV Movie Award - Best Fight (shared with Bob Barker) - "Happy Gilmore"
1998 - MTV Movie Award - Best Comedic Performance - "The Wedding Singer" 
1998 - MTV Movie Award - Best On-Screen Duo (shared with Drew Barrymore) - "The Wedding Singer"
1998 - The WaterBoy --------------- Bobby Boucher 
1998 - Dirty Work -------------------- Satan 
1998 - The Wedding Singer ------- Robby Hart 
1996 - Bulletproof ------------------- Archie Moses 
1996 - Happy Gilmore -------------- Happy Gilmore 
1995 - Billy Madison --------------- Billy Madison 
1994 - Airheads --------------------- Pip 
1994 - Mixed Nuts ------------------ Louie 
1993 - Coneheads ------------------ Carmine 
1991 - Shakes the Clown --------- Dink the Clown 
1989 - Going Overboard
TV Projects  
1991-1995 - Saturday Night Live 
1987 - Remote Control (TV Series) - Stick Pin Quinn/The Stud Boy
CD's Available 
1997 "What's Your Name?" 
1996 "What The Hell Happened To Me?" 
1993 "They're All Gonna Laugh At You"
Adam's Fan Mail
Send business-sized, self-addressed, stamped envelope to: 
Adam Sandler 
c/o Brillstein-Grey 
9150 Wilshire Blvd 
Suite 350 
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Adam's Projects
"Big Daddy" - 1999 from Columbia Pictures.  Cast: Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Joey Lauren Adams, Leslie Mann, Josh Mostel, Cole Sprouse, Jon Stewart.

"Little Nicky" - 1999 release with Adam Sandler.
Adam's Related Items
"Happy Gilmore/Dvd/Snap Case with Adam Sandler
by Adam Sandler 
DVD Dvd Video edition (June 1998) 
"Billy Madison
by Adam Sandler 
DVD Dvd Video edition (November 1998)
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