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Ricky Martin - the sexy Latin music hip swinging sensation (Ricky Martin) goes pop and rockets to number one in 1999 with the hit Livin' la Vida Loca setting record sales in America much to the delight of his screaming fans and starts year 2000 with a Grammy nomination for Record of the Year.
Ricky Martin Nominated Record of the Year
Watch the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards Wednesday 23 February 2000 for Ricky Martin was nominated for Record of the Year - "Livin' La Vida Loca" (Others were Backstreet Boys, Cher, Santana featuring Rob Thomas, TLC).
Teen People cover 
September 1999 
Ricky Martin article 
Page 12 
It's a double issue with two covers. 
On the flip cover of the magazine 
are 98 Degrees.
Rolling Stone cover 
issue 818 
August 1999 
Ricky Martin Interview 
Page 48
TV Guide cover 
5-11 June 1999 
See TV Guide 5-11 June
and featured article 
Ricky Martin interview 
as the year's hottest sensation.
Time magazine cover 
24 May 1999 
and featured article on 
Show Business Latin Music Pops 
with Ricky Martin.
Interview magazine cover 
June 1999 
Hot Sauce issue with 
Ricky Martin Explodes

Childhood - Born in Puerto Rico, Ricky Martin, he was the only child of Enrique Martin, a psychologist and Nereida Morales, an accountant. Ricky's parents separated when he was 2 years old. 

Menudo - Ricky was once a member of the group Menudo. He auditioned to join Menudo when he was 12. He was rejected on his first try because he was too small and too young looking. He wasn't accepted until his third try. Martin left the group when he was 17. 

Broadway - Ricky co-starred in Les Miserables on Broadway. 

Soaps - Ricky has appeared on the ABC soap General Hospital. 

Anthem - Martin performed the soccer anthem La Copa de la Vida at the 1998 World Cup. 
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Ricky Martin poster
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NSYNC Justin
Ricky Martin poster
NSYNC Justin
Ricky Martin poster

Fan Comments

Fan Comments

26 Jul - Hey Ricky!!!!!! I think you are sooo talented and soooooo hot! Whenever I am sad or depressed I listed to your CD and songs! when ever I listen to them they always lift my spirits up! My favorite song on your new CD is" I am Made Of You"! love ya and hope you stay in the buisness! You are so cailente! - Caliegh in california 

26 Jul - Ricky Martin es mas guapo tan algien en el mundo. el " fire sauce" de taco bell es menos caliente de la salsa de ricky. el cuerpo de el mira muy bueno - yo quiero comer el.           com mucho amor, la esposa futuro de ricky martin 

20 Jul - Rickey Martin,you are so sexy. I love your music. I wish i was Livin la Vida Loca with you. You inspired me so much and make me realize that anyone can make any dream come true. please send me an autograph. I LOVE YOU RICKEY MARTIN I have both of your Albums. I also have almost every single photograph of you and i make sure of that!! bye! bye! Love Always, mindy... aka fila grrl...aka min-din -- xoxoxo 

13 Jul - I just wanted to say how happy I am for the Latino's. They have come a long way. It just proves that if you fight hard enough you can accomplish almost anything. I am sure that Ricky had some turn downs in his career as well as Gloria Estefan, and Selena and many other singer/actors, but they set a goal and achieved that goal. In my opinion they set a good example for the younger generation out there, to work hard and set goals for yourself and you will see results. Keep up the good work! Thank you. 

12 Jul - hi Ricky! I have watched you grow up with me from Menudo to General Hospital, now to this incredible stardum you have achieved. I absolutely love your music, and am already looking forward to your next cd. we love you in Wichita, so don't forget about us in your tour plans!!!!! Good luck and god bless -- Melanie Wichita, KS. 

11 Jul - Hey Ricky! I have read a lot of your interviews and you talk a lot about your spirituality. I was wondering where you stood with that, if you could get back to me, that would really be cool! Thanks! Livin' La Vida Loca es una cancion muy bien! -- Deborah 

10 Jul - Good day!!! I love Ricky's music... how i wish i had his appeal. i met him for a tv interview once and up to now i couldn't forget the feeling. more success to ricky!!! anyone knows the name of the girl in the mtv? 

7 Jul - hi ricky, you are so so so so hot! we love you! our favorite song by you is livin da vida loca! love your number one fans: Shylea Carlin and Ariana Kneeland! 

7 Jul - I just wanted to say to you that I love you. You are the bomb! You are also the most dreamiest singer of all time. I know that you don't know me but I'm one of your biggest fans. Here is some info about me. My name is Alex and I'll me 13 in 7 days so that mean's that my birthday is on July 14,1999. Well anyway I better be going I don't want to waste your time. Well anyway see ya mocho man you are the bomb. I love the way you move your hips. So see ya sexy. Your #1 fan -- Alex 

3 Jul - Ricky Martin you are sooooo cute! I just love your music! good luck on your career. I hope you stay as popular as you are forever. 

26 Jun - Muchas Felicidades Ricky por tu exito y tu calidad que ha traspasado las fronteras.... un beso desde mexico.... atte alejandra 

19 Jun - I am the ULTIMATE Ricky fan. I have been keeping myself updated since I was in Latin America during the World Cup of 98. That's where I first heard of him, with his song for the soccer games. He is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo talented..... not to mention good looking! Whether his America craze continues or ends as quickly as it began.... I will be certain to continue following his music as I have been for the last year. He is the MAN. -- Sarah, Minnesota 

10 Jun - Congratulations, best wishes today and always and keep up the good work. I really enjoy your music and your great look! Your biggest admirer, -- Josie 

9 Jun - I love when your looking down and then you look up, your eye's look so sexy. i hope you come to mass sometime i just want to meet you and give you a kiss on your sexy lips. 

3 Jun - ricky martin is the most beautifulest most sexiest man on the face of this earth. his girlfriend is so lucky. not only can her man sing  he could dance and he's also very very fine. when he made his first appearance on rosie o' donnell show he sang a verse from les miserables. i fell  in love with his voice he sings so beautiful. now, just to let you know, im not obsessed my sister on the other hand is determined to find out his address and go and take a little vacation to miami. just kidding. WE LOVE YOU RICKY MARTIN!!!!!!!!!!! will you marry me???????? -- trish and stella from san jose california 

28 May - hello there My Conment is that Ricky is doing so GOOD and i think that all his wishes are come in true i like ricky and  when i am sad i listen to his song and it makes me feel so good thank you ricky  for all you hard work and love 

28 May - Hi Ricky martin, I love you heaps and heaps I have never loved anyone as much as you your music is the best and your taste in clothes are the best. You're the most best looking guy ever I love you so much mr Enrique Martin Morales. lots and lots of love your best fan and obsessed fan -- Melissa, from Australia 

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