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You've Got Mail Movie
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You've Got Mail 
aka You Have Mail 
Release date: 18 December 1998 
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Tom Hanks ------------ Joe Fox 
Meg Ryan ------------- Kathleen Kelly 
Parker Posey ---------- Patricia Eden 
Greg Kinnear ---------- Frank Navasky 
Jean Stapleton --------- Birdie 
Steve Zahn ------------ George Pappas 
David Chappelle ------- Kevin Scanlon 
Dabney Coleman ------ Nelson Fox 
John Randolph --------- Schuyler Fox 
Heather Burns -------- Christina 

Directed by ------------- Nora Ephron 
Produced by ------------ Nora Ephron, Lauren Shuler Donner 
Executive producers -- Delia Ephron, Julie Durk, G. Mac Brown 
Co-producer ------------ Donald J. Lee Jr. 
Camera ---------------- John Lindley 
Editor ------------------ Richard Marks 
Music ------------------ George Fenton 
Music supervisor ------ Nick Meyers 
Production designer --- Dan Davis 
Art directors ---------- Ray Kluga, Beth Kuhn 
Set decorators -------- Susan Bode, Ellen Christiansen 
Costume designer ---- Albert Wolsky 
Associate producer -- Dianne Dreyer 
Assistant director ---- David Sardi 
Casting ---------------- Francine Maisler 
Screenplay ------------- Nora Ephron, Delia Ephron 
Based on the screenplay “The Shop Around the Corner” by Samson Raphaelson from the play “Parfumerie” by Miklos Laszlo 
MPAA Rated PG for some language. 
Running time: 119 min 
In "You've Got Mail", Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan star in this romantic comedy. She owns a small independent bookstore; he owns a large chain of stores These two rival bookstore owners can not stand each other. But romance and sparks fly over the Internet. Isn't e-mail wonderful? 

A remake of the 1940 film "The Shop Around the Corner" with Margaret Sullivan and James Stewart. Also the same plot as "In The Good Old Summertime", 1949, starring Van Johnson and Judy Garland. 

Trailing Bits 24 June - (Ryan's bookshop in the film, called The Shop Around the Corner [a tribute to the original movie], is based on the real-life children's bookshop Books of Wonder, of Chelsea, Manhattan.) 

imho - Your web cruising, chat sessions, and e-mail can wait while you go see this delightful romantic comedy. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are screen to screen as they traverse their daily life in New York but find each other in e-mail. Predictable and cute. They still have a chance in the film to reveal their lives and frustrations. Meg Ryan got a well deserved Golden Globe nomination Best Actress. -- 19 December


Tom Hanks
Tuesday, Jan. 5 - Live with Regis And Kathie Lee (Repeat)
Thursday, Jan. 14 - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
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"You've Got Mail: Music From The Motion Picture
George Fenton, Harry Nilsson, Various Artists - Soundtracks - Film Scores
Audio CD (December 1, 1998)
Number of Discs: 1
Wea/Atlantic; ASIN: B00000F1UP
1. Puppy Song, The - Harry Nilsson
2. I Guess The Lord Must Be in New York City - Sinead O'Connor
3. Splish Splash - Bobby Darin
4. Remember - Harry Nilsson
5. Remember - Harry Nilsson
6. Signed Sealed Delivered - Stevie Wonder
7. Rockin' Robin - Bobby Day
8. Lonely At The Top - Randy Newman
9. Signed Sealed Delivered I'm Yours - Stevie Wonder
10. I Guess The Lord Must Be in New York City - Sinead O'Connor
11. Over The Rainbow - Harry Nilsson
12. Best Is Yet To Come, The - Peggy Lee
13. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter - Billy Williams
14. Never Smile At A Crocodile - The Paulette Sisters
15. You Made Me Love You - Jimmy Durante


Fan Comments
21 Feb - This movie is for the die-hard romantics. I even cried. The ending is the cheesiest, and the sweetest. I could even go all out and say it beats Titanic. Two words for Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks: Go y'all. -- AMaNdA, hailing from Singapore

17 Feb - Hi. We really liked "You've Got Mail". It was really good and successful. We admire Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. They are our favorite actors. We hope they make more good movies together. Maybe even a sequel to "You've Got Mail". We also like the music. We liked it so much that we bought the C.D. Our favorite song is "The Puppy Song" by Harry Nilsson. -- Sam Gruber and Kaitlyn Parsons

16 Jan - I absolutely love the movie You've Got Mail. It was inspiring, romantic, and comical. It left me with a wonderful feeling. It made me curious to go online. Meg Ryan is truly phenomenal. I would recommend it for young and old. -- Jessica

12 Jan - I thought the story line was a good idea, but it was very long and quite predictable.  But Tom and Meg make the cutest couple.

10 Jan - I cried, I laughed, I absolutely loved it! Movies are meant to take you inside their world and let you suspend disbelief. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan do just that. Well, at least I was longing to be in Meg's shoes. -- from Australia

10 Jan - The cutest movie I have ever seen! Tom is great and Mag is simply enchanting as always. I'm going to recommend it to all my friends. -- CIAO, Elena from Italy

8 Jan - I enjoyed You've Got Mail tremendously but I thought that the ending was a little awry. At the end, Kathryn says to Joe, "I hoped it was you." But nowhere in the movie did I get the sense that Kathryn was figuring out that it was Joe who was her "e-mail penpal." If they had incorporated more of that, I think it would be a better movie. Either way, it was wonderful to see two great actors make a movie come alive like the way Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks did.

8 Jan - Some people think that this is a spin-off of the movie Sleepless in Seattle, which in some ways it is. It is just a more updated version with the system of America Online to make it attract more of an audience. Many of the actors from You've Got Mail also appear in Sleepless in Seattle. These people include Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, and Parker Posey along with the director, Nora Ephron. My favorite part is where Kathleen said, "You've got mail. Three powerful words. I've got mail. From you." It is a great movie overall though. -- Steve

5 Jan - Jack, you suck!! You're such a male!! Predictable?!!! Wha??! And you probably think "The Dirty Dozen" and "Die Hard" wasn't!!. It was an awesome movie, no matter how predictable. I loved it. -- kim

4 Jan - I really enjoyed it.  Thought Tom Hanks was brilliant, he is such a good actor, his expressions were great I felt like I was really there. -- Claire

2 Jan - The BEST movie that I watched during 1998. I loved the very beginning. It set the pace for the rest of the movie. I recommend that you watch it with a friend. Especially if you are Email buddies. I can't wait to buy the tape it is a KEEPER. I will then view with my husband, over and over again. If you haven't watched it, you need to. You will laugh through the whole movie. Be sure and go. -- Janna

1 Jan 99 - The movie was awesome. I absolutely loved it. It was cute, charming, and enchanting. I'm glad I saw it with my friends. ---- Liz

30 Dec - As usual Meg Ryan plays like no others. You've got mail is the movie that will touch every one... Very Charming =) Two thumbs up! (only because I don't have more) -- Sandra

28 Dec - Loved the movie. -- Dianne

28 Dec - Predictable at best.  Two thumbs down. -- Jack, Boston

27 Dec - This is an AWESOME movie. It's so cute. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are wonderful in this wonderful film. For sure I'll be back to see it a few times. The ending is the best...I wanted it to be you, I wanted it to be you so bad...don't cry.  It's the best...SEE IT!!! -- Chrissy

26 Dec - Hey~ I saw this movie! It was so cute! I loved it! -- Tex

23 Dec - This movie is the GREATEST!  It should be seen by all!


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