The X-Files
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Title . The X-Files 
Release date: 19 June 1998 USA at 2,626 theaters 
Release date: 30 July 1998 Australia 
Release date: 6 August 1998 Germany 
Release date: 21 August 1998 UK 
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Credits . Cast: 
  • David Duchovny ---------- Special Agent Fox Mulder
  • Gillian Anderson ---------- Special Agent Dana Scully
  • Martin Landau ------------ Dr. Al Kurtzweil, scientist, friend of Mulder's father
  • Armin Mueller-Stahl ------ Conrad Strughold
  • Blythe Danner ------------ Jana Cassidy
  • Mitch Pleggi -------------- FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner
  • William B. Davis --------- The Cigarette Smoking Man aka Cancer Man
  • John Neville -------------- The Well Manicured Man
  • Lucas Black -------------- Stevie
  • Tom Braidwood ---------- Frohike, The Lone Gunmen
  • Dean Haglund ------------ Langly, The Lone Gunmen
  • Bruce Harwood ---------- Byers, The Lone Gunmen
  • Jeffrey DeMunn ---------- Dr. Ben Bronschweig
  • Glenne Headly ------------ Barmaid
  • Terry O'Quinn ----------- Special Agent Darius Michaud
  • Hrothgar Mathews ------- Paramedic
  • Armin Mueller-Stahl ----- Conrad Strughold
  • Stanley Walsh ------------ Second Elder
  • Michael Shamus Wiles ---- Black-Haired Man
  • Don S. Williams ---------- First Elder
  • Directed by: Rob Bowman 
    Produced by: Chris Carter, Daniel Sackheim 
    Executive producer: Lata Ryan 
    Associate producer: Mary Astadounian 
    Assistant director: Josh McLaglen 
    Director of photography by: Ward Russell 
    Music by: Mark Snow 
    Production designer: Christopher Nowak 
    Costume designer: Marlene Stewart 
    Visual effects supervisor: Matt Beck 
    Special make-up effects: Alec Gillis, Tom Woodruff Jr. 
    Special effects coordinator: Paul Lombardi 
    Screenwriter: Chris Carter 
    Story by Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz 
    Edited by: Stephen Mark 
    Rated PG-13 
    Running time: 121 min 

    . "The X-Files" - is the 1998 movie patterned after the TV series. Special agents Mulder and Scully center their attention on the bombing of a Dallas Office building. 

    It all relates back to an encounter with a nonhuman 15,000 year BC which is related to the present day with a boy and several firefighters in an underground cave. Yep, they better come up with a plan fast. Then there is the secret role of FEMA, all those bees, the cornfield, and the antarctic ice. 

    Series Regulars - This movie serves as a culmination of the TV series' season. You will recognize many of your favorite TV actors from the successful five year TV series. Cancer Man William Davis makes a token appearance. Series regular Mitch Pileggis is the FBI Director Walter Skinner. There is well manicured John Neville. The Lone Gunmen - Dean Haglund, Bruce Harwood, Tom Braidwood - make a cameo appearance. Martin Landau shows up in a bar and Mueller-Stahl is the German ringleader. 

    Numbers - As X-Files followers of the TV series know, the recurring numbers 

    10-13 is the birthday of Chris Carter 
    11:21 is the birthday of Chris Carter's wife Dori
    Budget - An estimated $60 - 66  million movie production budget with an estimated $25 million marketing budget. 

    Opening Box Office Weekend 19-21 June - The X-Files opening weekend was $31.1 mil which easily placed it first for the weekend based on figures available Monday 22 June. 

    Related Items - That's right, this movie has two separate CDs. One is called the "X-Files Fight The Future Score" by Mark Snow and the other is "X-Files The Album" by various artists. I am listing here because at least one other major on-line CD retailer had confusing titles/soundtracks/cover art which did not match. seems to have them listed correctly. 
    "X-Files-The Album" available through Click on the cover at right for a larger image.Click on this link for more information.  
    1. One - Filter 
    2. Flower Man - Tonic 
    3. Walking After You - Foo Fighters 
    4. Beacon Light - Ween 
    5. Invisible Sun - Sting/Aswad 
    6. Deuce - The Cardigans 
    7. One More Murder - Better Than Ezra 
    8. More Than This - The Cure 
    9. Hunter - Bjork 
    10. 16 Horses - Soul Coughing 
    11. Crystal Ship, The - X 
    12. Black - Sarah McLachlan 
    13. Teotihuacan - Noel Gallagher 
    14. X-Files Theme, The - The Dust Brothers 
    "X Files Score"  available through Click on this link for more information. 
    1. Threnody In X 
    2. B.C. Blood 
    3. Goop 
    4. Soda Pop 
    5. Already Dead 
    6. Cave Base 
    7. Remnants 
    8. Fossil Swings 
    9. Plague 
    10. Goodbye Bronschweig 
    11. Call To Arms, A 
    12. Crossroads 
    13. Corn Hives 
    14. Corn Copters 
    15. Out Of Luck 
    16. Stung Kissing 
    17. Cargo Hold 
    18. Come And Gone 
    19. Trust No One 
    20. Ice Base 
    21. Mind Games 
    22. Nightmare 
    23. Pod Monster Suite 
    24. Facts 
    25. Crater Hug

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