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Virus Movie 
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Release date: 15 January 1999 
Virus Official Web Site 
Jamie Lee Curtis ------------ Kelly "Kit" Foster, navigator 
William Baldwin ------------ Steve Baker, engineer 
Donald Sutherland ---------- Captain Everton 
Joanna Pacula -------------- Nadia, chief science officer 
Marshall Bell --------------- Woods 
Julio Oscar Mechoso ------- Squeaky 
Sherman Augustus ---------- Richie 
Cliff Curtis ------------------ Hiko, tattooed Maori seaman 
Directed by ----------------- John Bruno 
Produced by ---------------- Gale Anne Hurd 
Co-producers --------------- Todd Moyer, Dennis E. Jones, Bud Smith 
Executive producers -------- Mike Richardson, Chuck Pfarrer, Gary Levinsohn, Mark Gordon 
Robotics effects designers -- Steve Johnson, Eric Allard 
Edited by ------------------- Scott Smith 
Production designer --------- Mayling Cheng 
Director of photography ----- David Eggby 
Music by -------------------  Joel McNeely 
Screenplay by -------------- Chuck Pfarrer, Dennis Feldman 
Based on the Dark Horse Comic Book series "Virus" created by Chuck Pfarrer 
MPAA: Rated R for sci-fi violence/gore, and for language. 
In "Virus", the movie takes place in the ocean, in the calm of the typhoon, as the ocean-going tugboat crew take refuge from a storm in an abandoned science ship - the Akademic Vladislav Volkov. However, the crew finds that their problems have just begun. They seem to be sharing the vessel with an alien intelligent life form. And just who thinks who is the virus that must be destroyed in order to survive? And what of these humans, just a bunch of spare parts? 

Comic book "Virus" by Chuck Pfarrer 

Action thriller 

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by S. D. Perry 
Mass Market Paperback - 224 pages (August 1998) 
Tor Books; ISBN: 0812541588 
Dimensions (in inches): 0.74 x 6.75 x 4.19
by Chuck Pfarrer 
Paperback (June 1998) 
Dark Horse Comics, Inc. 
ISBN: 1569713170
"Score Virus
Audio CD (January 12, 1999) 
1. Volkov And The Mir 
2. Typhoon Leah 
3. Another Ship 
4. Anchor's Away 
5. Squeaky Gets Greased 
6. Nadia Runs 
7. Nadia's Story 
8. Turkey Hunting 
9. We Can Kill This Thing 
10. We Can Kill This Thing 
11. Robo-Captain 
12. Sinking The Ship 
13. Sinking The Ship 
14. End Credits
Fan Comments 
13 Mar - Greetings! I tend to share your opinion of " Virus ". It was trite, predictable, very short on strong, original dialogue and lacked a decent story line ( " just kill the damn thing! " , please, it's been done ) BUT, it WAS another great opportunity to watch Jamie Lee Curtis get wet and jiggle around in a skin tight body suit...and that, in my opinion, was worth the price of admission as I am a HUGE fan of the beautiful Jamie Lee. It's a pity she isn't getting better roles because she's quite an accomplished actress. -- Mike

19 Jan - Roger Ebert compares "Virus" to "Deep Rising," saying that although "Deep Rising" was the worst film of 1998, "Virus" is even worse. I agree that "Virus" is a really bad film. But I disagree with his assessment of "Deep Rising," which was very tongue-in-cheek and a lot of fun, with a much better monster. "Virus" takes itself too seriously, and the monster is a rip-off of other movie concepts, including Star Trek's "the Borg." 

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