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Varsity Blues Movie 
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Varsity Blues 
Release date: 15 January 1999 
Varsity Blues Official Web Site 
MTV Films 
James Van Der Beek ---- Jonathan “Mox” Moxon 
Jon Voight ---------------- Coach Bud Kilmer 
Paul Walker -------------- Lance Harbor, star quarterback 
Ali Larter ----------------- Darcy, Lance's girlfriend 
Ron Lester --------------- Billy Bob 
Scott Caan --------------- Tweeter 
Richard Lineback -------- Joe Harbor 
Tiffany C. Love --------- Collette Harbor 
Amy Smart -------------- Julie Harbor, Jonathan's girlfriend and Lance's sister 
Eliel Swinton ------------- Wendell 
Thomas F. Duffy -------- Sam Moxon, Jonathan's father 
Jill Parker Jones --------- Mo Moxon 
Joe Pichler --------------- Kyle Moxon 
Tonie Perensky ---------- Miss Davis 
Directed by ------------- Brian Robbins 
Produced by ------------ Tova Laiter, Mike Tollin, Brian Robbins 
Executive producers --- David Gale, Van Toffler 
Co-producers ----------- Herbert W. Gains, Ruben Hostka 
Assistant directors ----- George Fortmuller, Albert Shapiro 
Screenplay -------------- W. Peter Iliff 
Camera ----------------- Charles Cohen 
Editor ------------------- Ned Bastille 
Music ------------------- Mark Isham 
Music supervisors ----- G. Marq Roswell, Gary Calamar 
Production designer --- Jaymes Hinkle 
Costume designer ----- Wendy Chuck 
Art director ------------- Keith Donnelly 
Set decorator ---------- Tad Smalley 
Casting ----------------- Bob Krakower, Sarah Halley Finn 
MPAA: Rated R for strong language throughout, sexuality and nudity, and some substance abuse. 
Running time: 104 min 
In "Varsity Blues", you have a winning high school football team, a win-at-all-cost head coach, and an all-out-for-football Texas town - West Canaan. The star quarterback is injured late in the winning season and John Moxon is called upon to finish the season. 

The music is good. 

Comedy drama 

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"Soundtrack Varsity Blues
Varsity Blues 
Audio CD (January 7, 1999) 

1. Nice Guys Finish Last - Green Day 
2. Run - Collective Soul 
3. Hero - Foo Fighters 
4. Thunderstruck - Sprung Monkey 
5. Hot For Teacher - Van Halen 
6. Are You Ready For The Fallout? - Fastball 
7. Fly - Loudmouth 
8. Kick Out The Jams - Monster Magnet 
9. Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock & Roll) - Local H 
10. Black Eye - Black Lab 
11. Two Faces - Days Of The New 
12. Every Little Thing Counts - Janus Stark 
13. Unnoticed - Athenaeum


"Varsity Blues
by Peter Iliff 
Paperback - 288 pages (January 1999) 
Fan Comments 
4 May - hello oh man I love that movie varsity blues that is the best movie I have ever seen in my hole life and James Van Der Beek he is just so hot in this movie!!!! sincerly, jessica

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