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Twilight . Twilight 
Release date: 6 March 1998 
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Credits . Cast: 
  • Paul Newman ------------ Harry Ross
  • Susan Sarandon ---------- Catherine Ames
  • Gene Hackman ----------- Jack Ames
  • Stockard Channing ------- Verna
  • Reese Witherspoon ------ Mel Ames
  • Giancarlo Esposito ------- Reuben
  • James Garner ------------ Raymond Hope
  • Liev Schreiber ----------- Jeff Willis
  • M. Emmet Walsh -------- Lester Ivar
  • Margo Martindale ------- Gloria Lamar
  • John Spencer ------------ Phil Egan
  • Directed by: Robert Benton 
    Produced by: Arlene Donovan, Scott Rudin 
    Executive producer: Michael Hausman 
    Photography by: Piotr Sobocinski 
    Music by: Elmer Bernstein 
    Production designed by: David Gropman 
    Edited by: Carol Littleton 
    Costume Design by: Joseph G. Aulisi 
    Written by: Robert Benton, Richard Russo 
    Rated: R

    . The past has a way of returning whether it is mystery or love. 

    Harry Ross is a burned out, alcoholic retired LA private investigator who searches for the truth. 
    Jack Ames is the former screen star. 
    Catherine Ames is the very good and very bad wife. 
    Mel Ames is the alienated teen-age daughter. 
    Verna is Harry's former paramour and a LA police lieutenant. 
    Reuben is a limo driver who hopes to be Harry's partner. 
    Raymond Hope is the old-time "fixer" for the Ames family. 

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