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True Crime Movie 
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True Crime 
Release date: 19 March 1999 
True Crime Official Web Site 
Warner Bros. 
Clint Eastwood ----------- Steve Everett, newspaper reporter 
Isaiah Washington -------- Frank Beachum, prisoner 
Denis Leary -------------- Bob Findley 
Lisa Gay Hamilton -------- Bonnie Beachum 
James Woods ------------ Alan Mann 
Bernard Hill -------------- Luther Plunkitt 
Diane Venora ------------ Barbara Everett 
Michael McKean --------- Reverend Shillerman 
Michael Jeter ------------- Dale Porterhouse 
Mary McCormack ------- Michelle Ziegler 
Hattie Winston ----------- Mrs. Russel 
Penny Rae Bridges ------- Gail Beachum 
Francesca Fisher-Eastwood ---- Kate Everett 
John Finn ---------------- Reedy 
Laila Robins ------------- Patricia Findley 
Sydney Poitier ----------- Jane March 
Erik King ---------------- Pussy Man 
Graham Beckel ---------- Arnold McCardle 
Frances Fisher ----------- Cecilia Nussbaum 
Marissa Ribisi ----------- Amy Wilson 
Christine Ebersole ------- Bridget Rossiter 
Anthony Zerbe ---------- Henry Lowenstein 

Directed by -------------- Clint Eastwood 
Produced by ------------- Clint Eastwood, Richard D. Zanuck, Lili Fini Zanuck 
Executive producer ------- Tom Rooker 
Camera ------------------- Jack N. Green 
Editor -------------------- Joel Cox 
Screenplay --------------- Larry Gross, Paul Brickman, Stephen Schiff 
Music -------------------- Lennie Niehaus 
Production designer ------ Henry Bumstead 
Art director -------------- Jack G. Taylor Jr. 
Set decorator ------------ Richard Goddard 
Assistant director -------- Robert Lorenz 
Casting ------------------ Phyllis Huffman 
Based on the novel by Andrew  Klavan 
MPAA: Rated R for language and some violence. 
Running time: 127 min 
In "True Crime", the movie, is centered about a 24 hour countdown to an execution at San Quentin. A newspaper reporter has his own personal problems but finds himself on a race against time to save the condemned man while his own personal life continues to fall apart. 

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"True Crime : The Novel
by Andrew Klavan 
Paperback - 384 pages Reprint edition (September 1997) 
Dell Books; ISBN: 0440224039 

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