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Thin Red Line 
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Thin Red Line 
Release date: 25 December 1998 
Special engagements in New York and Los Angeles on 23 December 1998, 
in San Francisco and Orange County on 25 December 1998. 
Opens everywhere in January 1999. 
Thin Red Line Official Web Site 
Fox 2000 Pictures 
Phoenix Pictures 
Sean Penn -------------- Sgt. Welsh 
Adrien Brody ---------- Corporal Fife 
Jim Caviezel ------------ Pvt. Witt, from Kentucky 
Ben Chaplin ------------ Corporal Bell 
George Clooney -------- Capt. Charles Bosche
John Cusack ----------- Captain John Gaff 
Woody Harrelson ------ Sergeant Keck 
Elias Koteas ------------ Capt. James “Bugger” Staros
Jared Leto -------------- Second Lt. Whyte
Dash Mihok ------------ Pfc. Doll
Tim Blake Nelson ------ Pvt. Tills
Nick Nolte ------------- Lt. Col. Gordon Tall
John C. Reilly ---------- Sgt. Storm
Larry Romano ---------- Pvt. Mazzi
John Savage ------------ Sgt. McCron
John Travolta ----------- Brig. Gen. Quintard
Arie Verveen ----------- Pfc. Dale
David Harrod ---------- Cpl. Queen
Tom Jane -------------- Pvt. Ash
Polyn Leona ----------- Melanesian Woman with Child
Miranda Otto ---------- Marty Bell

Directed by ------------ Terrence Malick 
Produced by ----------  Robert Michael Geisler, John Roberdeau and Grant Hill 
Executive producer ---- George Stevens Jr. 
Associate producers --- Michael Stevens, Sheila Davis Lawrence
Music by --------------- Hans Zimmer 
Camera ---------------- John Toll 
Costume Design by ---- Margot Wilson 
Production Design by -- Jack Fisk 
Art director ------------ Ian Gracie
Set decorators --------- Richard Hobbs, Suza Maybury
Key military adviser ---- Mike Stokey
Stunt coordinator ------ Glenn Boswell
Assistant director ------ Skip Cosper
Second unit director --- Gary Capo
Edited by  ------------- Billy Weber, Leslie Jones and Saar Klein
Casting ---------------- Dianne Crittenden
Written by ------------- Terrence Malick 
Based on novel by ----- James Jones 
MPAA Rating: R
Running time: 170 min

The movie, "Thin Red Line", puts us in the front in this WWII adaptation of James Jones' autobiographical 1962 novel about the conflict at Guadalcanal. The Army troops are moved in to relieve battle weary Marine units. There is the unopposed landing, exhausting battles, and the survivors. 

These men of C-for-Charlie Company is about to discover the thin red line that divides the sane from the mad...and the living from the dead... 

Based on the book by the same author that brought you "From Here to Eternity". 

FYI - John Travolta has a cameo-sized part and he is listed alphabetically as a cast member. He has a more prominent part in Disney's A Civil Action, in which he stars, that is opening the same day as The Thin Red Line. A new trailer and a poster for The Thin Red Line minus Travolta's name have since been printed and distributed. Just thought you would be interested if you saw his name associated with this film and then he seemed to be missing in all the publicity. 


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by James Jones, Joe Mantegna (Reader) 
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