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There's Something About Mary 
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There's Something About Mary 
Release date: 15 July 1998 
There's Something About Mary Official Web Site 
20th Century Fox 
  • Cameron Diaz ----- Mary Jenson, unattached sexy babe
  • Matt Dillon --------  Pat Healy, sleazy private eye
  • Ben Stiller --------- Ted Stroehmann, tries to woo Mary
  • Lee Evans --------- Tucker
  • Chris Elliott -------- Dom
  • Lin Shaye ---------- Magda
  • Jeffrey Tambor ---- Sully
  • Markie Post -------- Mary's Mom
  • Keith David -------- Mary's Stepfather
  • W. Earl Brown ---- Warren
  • Jonathan Richman - Jonathan, singer
  • Brett Favre --------- as himself


    Directed by ---------- Peter Farrelly, Bobby Farrelly 
    Produced by --------- Frank Beddor, Michael Steinberg, Charles B. Wessler, Bradley Thomas 
    Exec producers ------ Pete Farrelly, Bobby Farrelly 
    Co-producers -------- Marc S. Fischer, James . Rogers 
    Associate producers - Mark Charpentier, Patrick Healy 
    Assitant director ----- James B. Rogers 
    Camera -------------- Mark Irwin 
    Eiditor ---------------- Christopher Greenbury 
    Music ----------------- Jonathan Richman 
    Music superisors ---- Happy Walters, Tom Wolfe 
    Art director ---------- Arlan Jay Vetter 
    Costume designer --- Mary Zophres 
    Screenplay ----------- Ed Decter, John J. Strauss, Peter Farrelly, Bobby Farrelly 
    Story by -------------- Ed Decter, John J. Strauss 
    Rated: R 
    Running time 118 min 
    In the movie, "There's Something About Mary", the story is of a loser who hires a private investigator to find his high school sweetheart - the love of his life. Unfortunately for him, the investigator that he hires falls in love with the woman. The two men then compete for her affection. 

    This Farrelly brothers comedy is directed by Peter and Bobby Farrelly ("Dumb and Dumber"). 

    imho - Choppy, coarse, crude, sporadic sophomoric humor. There is the zipper scene and the gel scene and the dog scenes. Beautiful innocent Cameron Diaz is the focus of the attention. Ben Stiller does a good lost teen Ted who never makes it to his Senior Prom. Matt Dillon plays such a low life classic sleaze of a private investigator that you wonder what could Cameron possible see in him. Maybe itís the pencil moustache. Nicely segmented in bytes with interludes by singer Jonathan Richman. Strong supporting cast. Full of energy. Refreshing change from most of the other films this summer. Some scenes may offend some. Bobby and Peter Farrelly have done a good job. The audience seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. Recommended if you want some humor in your life. 

    The film was shot in Miami and Rhode Island. 

    Romantic comedy. 

    Box Office 
    The climb to the first spot took 8 weeks. 
    Week Rank Week of Wkend BO Cum BO Comments
    1 4 17-19 Jul $13.7 mil $17.7 mil 15 Jul Wed release
    2 4 24-26 Jul $12.5 mil $40.9 mil
    3 3 31Ju-2Au $10.9 mil $60.0 mil
    4 4 7-9 Aug $9.6 mil $76.6 mil
    5 4 14-16 Aug $8.8 mil $91.3 mil
    6 3 21-23 Aug $7.6 mil $104.0 mil
    7 2 28-30 Aug $8.3 mil $116.2 mil
    8 1 4-7 Sep $10.9 mil $130.2 mil Labor Day Weekend

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