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  • . Tarzan and the Lost City 
    Release date: 24 April 1998 
    Tarzan and the Lost City Official Web Site - Official Site 
    Warner Bros. - distributed by Warner Bros. USA, Korea, France 
    Credits . Cast: 
  • Casper Van Dien ---- Tarzan, Lord Greystoke
  • Jane March ---------- Jane
  • Steven Waddington -- Nigel Ravens, mercenary leader
  • Winston Ntshona ----- Mugambi
  • Rapulana Seiphemo --- Kaya
  • Ian Roberts ---------- Captain Dooley
  • Directed by: Carl Schenkel 
    Produced by: Stanley Canter, Dieter Geissler, Michael Lake 
    Executive producer: Greg Coote, Peter Ziegler, Kurt Silberschneider, Lawrence Mortorff 
    Music by: Christopher Franke 
    Production design by: Herbert Pinter
    Art director: Emilia Roux, Anna Lennox
    Costume designer: Jo Katsara-Barklem
    Special Effects: CineMagic/HDO 
    Visual effects supervisor: Julian Parry 
    Editor: Harry Hitner 
    Director of photography: Paul Gilpin 
    Screenplay by: Bayard Johnson, J. Anderson Black 
    Based on "Tarzan" reg. stories created by Edgar Rice Burroughs. 
    Rated PG
    Running time: 84 min

    . In "Tarzan and the Lost City,"  Tarzan is called back from his stay in Britain to defend his childhood home against an onslaught of arrogant mercenaries intent on plundering the mystical city of Opar.  The story takes place in 1913 on the eve of his marriage to Jane.

    In case you live in a jungle yourself, Tarzan is based on the story of a boy who grew to become Lord of the Apes. The story first appeared on the big screen in 1918. 

    Warner Bros. also brought us the 1984 film, "Greystoker: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes." In that film, Lord Greystock returns to England. 

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