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Stepmom Movie 
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Release date: 25 Dec 1998 
Stepmom Web Site - See Sony 
TriStar/Stepmom Productions 
Sony - distributor 
  • Julia Roberts ---- ---- Isabel, career women
  • Susan Sarandon -- -- Jackie, divorced mother of two
  • Ed Harris ---------- -- Luke, Jackie's ex and Isabel's boyfriend
  • Jena Malone ------ -- Anna
  • Liam Aiken ------- --- Ben
  • Lynn Whitfield --- --- Dr. Sweikert
  • Darrell Larson --- --- Duncan Samuels
  • Mary Louise Wilson - School Counselor
  • Directed by ------------- Chris Columbus 
    Produced by ------------ Wendy Finerman, Chris Columbus, Mark Radcliffe, Michael Barnathan 
    Executive producers --- Patrick McCormick, Ron Bass, Margaret French-Isaac, Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon, Pliny Porter 
    associate producer ----- Paula DuPre’ Pesmen 
    assistant director ------- Geoff Hansen 
    Camera ----------------- Donald M. McAlpine 
    Music -------------------- John Williams 
    Production Design by -- Stuart Wurtzel 
    costume designer ------- Joseph G. Aulisi 
    Casting ------------------ Ellen Lewis 
    Edited by ---------------- Neil Travis 
    Written by -------------- Jessie Nelson, Steven Rogers, Karen Leigh Hopkins, Ron Bass 
    Story by ---------------- Gigi Levangie 
    MPAA Rated PG-13 for language and thematic elements. 
    Running time: 124 min 

    "Stepmom", the movie Stepmom is about the 90's family and relationships particularly the relationship between between two women.  Jackie is the divorced mother of two and Isabel is the great looking New York fashion photographer girlfriend of Jackie's ex-husband Luke. Responsibility for the two children forces them to resolve the issues between them. Ben is lost in Central Park. We also have a fatal disease. And in the beginning Isabel and Jackie at first don't get along, but as the movie moves along, everyone learns to ... Be there for the joy. Be there for the tears. Be there for each other. 

    Teary family drama. 


    Tues 19 Jan - The Howie Mandel Show - Jena Malone will be a guest on The Howie Mandel Show Tuesday, 
    January 19.  Check local listings for station/time. 

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    Fan Comments 
    3 May - hey i just rented this movie and thought it was soooooooooo good.......... i was just wondering....... you know how she tells off that guy at her school and then uses that model as her "high school b/f"? Well does anyone know who played that "model" cause i think hes really good looking!!!! thanks steph

    30 Jan - It is located on a lake in Long Island - A fan answers 

    25 Jan - This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time! The acting was wonderful and the writing was even better. It had a lot of good messages in it for stepparents...how not to manipulate your children with your bitterness about divorce and how to work together for the sake of the children. I was impressed with the children actors in this movie. It sends a heartfelt message to all of us (divorced or otherwise) on how to relax and have fun with your kids. I want to know how will my kids remember me? Also, the setting of this movie was beautiful. I want to know where Susan Sarandon's house is located. This is my dream house! If anyone knows, please drop me a line!! Thanks! 

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