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Star Trek Insurrection Movie 
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Star Trek Insurrection 
Release date: 11 December 1998 
Star Trek Insurrection Official Web Site 
Patrick Stewart ----------- Capt. Jean-Luc Picard 
Jonathan Frakes ---------- Cmdr. William Riker 
Brent Spiner --------------- Lt. Cmdr. Data 
LeVar Burton ------------- Lt. Cmdr. Geordi La Forge 
Michael Dorn ------------- Lt. Cmdr. Worf 
Gates McFadden --------- Dr. Beverly C. Crusher 
Martina Sirtis -------------- Lt. Cmdr. Deanna Troi 
F. Murray Abraham ------ Ru’afro 
Donna Murphy ------------ Anji 
Anthony Zerbe ------------ Admiral Dougherty 
Gregg Henry -------------- Gallatin 
Daniel Hugh Kelly -------- Sojef 
Michael Welch ------------ Artim 

Directed by ----------------- Jonathan Frakes 
Produced by ---------------- Berman 
Executive producer -------- Martin Hornstein 
Co-producer --------------- Peter Lauritson 
Associate producer ------- Patrick Stewart 
Assistant director --------- Jerry Fleck 
Camera -------------------- Matthew F. Leonetti 
Editor ---------------------- Peter E. Berger 
Music ---------------------- Jerry Goldsmith 
Production designer ------ Herman Zimmerman 
Art director ---------------- Ron Wilkinson 
Set designer --------------- John M. Dwyer 
Costume designer -------- Sanja Milkovic Hays 
Make-up designer/supervisor -- Michael Westmore 
Special effects supervisor ----- Terry Frazee 
Stunt coordinator --------------- Rick Avery 
Visual effects supervisors ----- Adam Howard, Jim Rygiel 
Casting -------------------- Junie Lowry-Johnson 
Screenplay ---------------- Michael Piller 
Story by Piller ------------ Rick Berman 
Based upon “Star Trek” created by Gene Roddenberry 
MPAA Rating: PG 
Running time: 100 min 
In "Star Trek Insurrection", the ninth in the Stark Trek  series, finds problems with LT.  Cmdr. Data and a journey to the peaceful Ba'ku planet. The battle for this paradise has begun. 

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Hardcover - 384 pages (December 1998) 
Pocket Books; ISBN: 0671024477 
"Star Trek Insurrection: Selections From The Original Motion Picture
Jerry Goldsmith, Star Trek (Related Recordings) 
Audio CD (December 8, 1998)

Fan Comments 
23 Dec - Roger Ebert was totally confused about this movie.  Had he seen the film a second time, he might have realized that both the Federation/Son'a argument and Picard's argument are sustained logically, and that both sides of the moral issue are fully explored.  This is a very good Trek film, but you may have to see it twice to realize it. -- David

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