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Title . SpiceWorld 
Release date: 23 January 1998 in the USA 
Release date: 26 December 1997 in UK 
Release date: 1 January 1998 in Germany 
Release date: 15 January 1998 in Australia 
Release date: 23 January 1998 in Canada 
Release date: 28 January 1998 in France 
Release date: 13 February 1998 in Sweden 
Release date: 27 February 1998 in Finland 
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Credits . Cast: 
  • Victoria Adams ----- Spice Girl, Posh Spice
  • Melanie Brown ----- Spice Girl, Scary Spice
  • Emma Bunton ----- Spice Girl, Baby Spice
  • Melanie Chisholm ----- Spice Girl, Sporty Spice
  • Geri Halliwell ----- Spice Girl, Ginger Spice
  • Claire Rushbrook ----- as Deborah, the girls overwoked assistant
  • George Wendt ----- as Martin Barnfield, the Hollywood producer
  • Richard O'Brien ----- as Damien, the omnipresent, evil photographer
  • Alan Cumming ----- as Piers Cutherton-Smyth, arrogant, intellectual
  • Meatloaf ----- as Dennis, the dedicated driver
  • Barry Humphries ----- Kevin McMaxford, media giant
  • Richard E. Grant ----- as girls manager
  • Roger Moore ----- as the Chief
  • Naoko Mori ----- as Nicola, the Girl's best friend
  • Mark McKinney ----- as Graydon, Barnfield's writer
  • Directed by: Bob Spiers 
    Produced by: Uri Fruchtmann, Barnaby Thompson 
    Executive producer: Simon Fuller 
    Co-producer: Peter McAleese 
    Written by: Kim Fuller 
    Co-writer: James Curtis 
    Production designer: Grenville Horner 
    Costume desinger: Kate Carin 
    Director of photography: Clive Tickner 
    Editor: Andrea MacArthur

    . Movie: The British all-girl pop group, Spice Girls, had the best-selling album of 1997. "Spice" was released on 25 November 1996 and sold 5.3 million units in 1997. Worldwide their debut album has sold over 19 million units. 

    SpiceWorld celebrates the success of this hot band. Takes place in current day 90's in London. It sizzles with the energetic, fun, sexy, fresh, stylish image that the Spice Girls have come to personify. And of course, it's about the Spice Girls themselves. Must see movie for Spice Girl fans. The movie was shot in 43 days entirely in London. 

    Video: Video version of Spice World to be released by Columbia TriStar Home Video 16 June 1998. 

    CD: SpiceWorld CD is available as well as the debut single/video. "Spice Up Your Life" from their new SpiceWorld album. 

    Book: And read all about the making of the movie in the book: Spice World: The Movie: The Official Book of the Film 'the Spice Girls', written by the Spice Girls themselves. Editor Sue Carswell. Paperback with 96 pages, published by Three Rivers. January 1998. ISBN: 0609803387. Look for it for it should be out soon. 

    Spice Girls In Concert Pay Per View - Move people have paid for January's Spice Girls pay-per-view concert special than for any other PPV music program in more than seven years. The Pay Per View concert aired 3 times - 17, 28, 31 January. Priced at $19.95, ShowTime Event Television said that the buy rate surpassed that for last month's Rolling Stones PPV. SET is considering a second flight of PPV runs for Spice Girls or it may sell the special to syndication or basic cable. Either way look for more Spice Girls, especially if you missed it the first time around. 

    Box Office Weekend 23-25 Jan - Spice World set a new Super Bowl Sunday record, with the highest opening weekend gross for Super Sunday and it had the highest opening weekend for 1998 (although it is only the 4th weekend of the year). Spice World in second place with $10.5 million behind first place Titanic. 

    Box Office Weekend 30 Jan - 1 Feb - Spice World at 4th place with $7 million in weekend box office sales based on preliminary figures available Sunday 1 February. 

    Album No. 3- Spice Girls second album "SpiceWorld" moves up from number 6 to number 3 on Billboard's top 200 album charts for period ending 25 Jan. Sales of 109,000 units up from 78,000 units sold the previous week. Meanwhile Spice Girls "Spice" album moved up to number 11 on sales of 60,00 units after 51 weeks on the charts. And the Spice Girls single "Spice Up Your Life" is number 25 after 14 weeks on the charts. 

    Playstation - Sony is introducing a SpiceWorld playstation. Each Spice Girl character will have a particular knock-out characteristic. 

    Spice Girls concert tour - Concert tour dates and tour map. Spice Girls concert tour starts in Copenhagen in February 1998.

    Links . Spice Girls - Complete information on all of the Spice Girls. 

    Spice Girls concert tour - Concert tour dates and tour map. 

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