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Snow Falling on Cedars Movie
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Release date: 22 December 1999 in NY/LA
Release date: 7 January 2000 nationwide
Snow Falling on Cedars Official Web Site

Ethan Hawke ------------- Ishmael Chambers, reporter
James Cromwell ---------- Judge Fielding 
Richard Jenkins ----------- Sheriff Art Moran 
James Rebhorn ----------- Alvin Hooks 
Sam Shepard ------------- Arthur Chambers, cameo as newspaperman
Zeljko Ivanek ------------ Dr. Whitman 
Eric Thal ----------------- Carl Heine Jr. 
Max von Sydow --------- Nels Gudmundsson 
Youki Kudoh ------------ Hatsue Miyamoto, Ishmael's lover and Kazuo's wife
Rick Yune --------------- Kazuo Miyamoto, the fisherman on trial 
Jan Rubes --------------- Ole Jurgensen 
Celia Weston ------------ Etta Heine 
Max Wright -------------- Horace Whaley 
Arija Bareikis ------------ Susan Marie Heine 
Caroline Kava ----------- Helen Chambers

Directed by --------------- Scott Hicks
Producer ----------------- Ron Bass, Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall, Harry J. Ufland, 
Co-producer ------------- David Guterson, Richard Vane
Director of Photography -- Robert Richardson
Production designer ------ Jeannine Oppewall
Editor -------------------- Hank Corwin
Composer ---------------- James Newton Howard
Costume Designer -------- Renee Erlich Kalfus
Co-Screenwriter --------- Scott Hicks, Ron Bass
Author ------------------- David Guterson "Snow Falling on Cedars"
MPAA: Rated PG-13 for disturbing images, sensuality and brief strong language.
Runtime: 126 min
"Snow Falling on Cedars", a movie, is about the people and the place which centers around a murder trial of a Japanese-American man, Kazuo Miyamoto. Ishmael Chambers, a newspaperman, starts a journey for truth and justice. The movie is set in the 1950 tranquil village on San Piedro island in the Pacific Northwest. 

Based on David Guterson first novel published in 1994 "Snow Falling on Cedars".


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