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Small Soldiers 
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Small Soldiers 
Release date: 10 July 1998 wide in 2,539 theaters 
Small Soldiers Official Web Site 
DreamWorks Pictures and Universal Pictures 
  • David Cross ------------- Irwin Wayfair, Gorgonites' creator
  • Jay Mohr ---------------- Larry Benson, Commando Elite's creator
  • Alexandra Wilson ------- Ms. Kegel
  • Denis Leary ------------- Gil Mars, CEO of Globotech
  • Gregory Smith ---------- Alan Abernathy
  • Gregory Itzin ------------ Mr. Florens
  • Dick Miller -------------- Joe, truck driver
  • Kirsten Dunst ----------- Christy Fimple
  • Jacob Smith ------------- Timmy Fimple
  • Jonathan David Bouck -- Brad
  • Kevin Dunn ------------- Stuart Abernathy, Alan's father
  • Ann Magnuson ---------- Irene Abernathy, Alan's mother
  • Wendy Schaal ----------- Marion Fimple, Christy's mother
  • Phil Hartman ------------ Phil Fimple, Christy's father
  • Archie Hahn III --------- Satellite Dish Installer
  • Robert Picardo ---------- Clean Room Technician
  • Julius Tennon ------------ Toy World Supervisor
  • Belinda Balaski ---------- Neighbor
  • Rance Howard ---------- Husband
  • Jackie Joseph ----------- Wife
  • Top: Sworn enemies, Archer, emissary of the Gorgonites and Major Chip Hazard come face-to-face. 
    Bottom: Major Chip Hazard (second from right) leads members of the Commando Elite, (left to right) Brick Bazooka, Butrch Meathook, Kip Killagin and Link Static into battle against their sworn enemy, the Gorgonites.
  • Tommy Lee Jones ------- Voice of Chip Hazard
  • Frank Langella ----------- Voice of Archer
  • Ernest Borgnine ---------- Voice of Kep Killagin
  • Jim Brown --------------- Voice of Butch Meathook
  • Bruce Dern -------------- Voice of Link Static
  • George Kennedy -------- Voice of Brick Bazooka
  • Clint Walker ------------- Voice of Nick Nitro
  • Christopher Guest ------- Voice of Slamfist/Scratch-It
  • Michael McKean -------- Voice of Insaniac/Freakenstein
  • Harry Shearer ----------- Voice of Punch-It
  • Jim Cummings ----------- Voice of Ocula
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar ---- Gwendy Dolls Voices
  • Christina Ricci ----------- Gwendy Dolls Voices
  • Directed by ------------------- Joe Dante 
    Written  by ------------------- Gavin Scott, Adam Rifkin, Ted Elliot, Terry Rossio 
    Produced by ----------------- Michael Finnell, Colin Wilson 
    Executive producer ---------- Walter Parkes 
    Director of photography ------ Jamie Anderson 
    Production designer ---------- William Sandell 
    Film editor ------------------- Marshall Harvey 
    Costume designer ------------ Carole Brown-James 
    Animation supervisor --------- David Andrews 
    Visual effects supervisor ------ Stefen Gangmeier 
    Action Figures and 
     animatronics design ---------- Stan Winston 
    Music composed and 
     conducted by ---------------- Jerry Goldsmith 
     unit production manager ----- Paul Deason 
    Casting by ------------------- Denise Chamian 
    First assistant director -------- Benita Allen-Honess 
    Second assistant directors ---- Dieter Busch, Rebecca Strickland 
    Visual effects producer ------- Kim Bromley 
    Visual effects co-supervisor -- Ellen Poon 
    Rated PG-13 for some menacing action/violence and brief drug references. 
    Running time approximately 104 minutes

    Photo: Alan Abernathy (Gregory Smith) allies himself with the Gorgonites, including Slamfist (left) and Ocula.  Photo: Christy Fimple (Kirsten Dunst) and Alan Abernathy (Gregory Smith) are two suburban teens who get caught in the crossfire in a war between the war-loving Commando Elite and the monstrous-looking but noble Gorgonites. 
    "Small Soldiers", the movie, explores what would happen if toy technology took on military intelligence. If action figures took their jobs a little too seriously. 

    "Small Soldiers" tells the story of an all-out war between the Gorgonites, a small but intrepid band of monstrous-looking creatures, and the war-loving Commando Elite, led by Major Chip Hazard (Tommy Lee Jones). This in suburbia USA (Winslow Corners, Ohio) and not some alien battlefield. The soldiers are prototypes of the most advanced action figures ever created. 

    Alan Abernathy is the mischievous high schooler that has a fascination with the Small Soldiers. He takes Archer home and befriends him. Christy Fimple is the popular girl in school. Then she meets Alan who gets her involved in this crazy war. 

    Commando Elite 

    Major Chip Hazard, commanding officer 
    Butch Meathook, grenade-toting point man 
    Kip Killagin, cigar-chomping covert operations expert 
    Brick Bazooka, artillery man 
    Link Static, communications expert 
    Nick Nitro, explosive demolitions man
    Archer, lion-esque leader 
    Ocula, eyeball-with-feet 
    Freakenstein, mutant 
    Punch-It, rhino-inspired 
    Scratch-It, slingshot-shooting sidekick of Punch-It 
    Slamfist, boulder-fisted enforcer 
    Insaniac, chain-swinging
    Gwendy dolls, mutant once-pretty girl dolls transformed by the Commandos into reinforcements
    Blending live action with state-of-the-art computer animation in suburbia USA. Featuring animatronic designs and effects created by the Stan Winston Studio, headed by multiple Academy Award® winner Stan Winston ("Jurassic Park"). Cutting-edge CGI will be produced by Oscar® -winning Industrial Light & Magic ("Jurassic Park," "The Lost World," "Men in Black"), under the supervision of Stefen Fangmeier and David Andrews. 

    Filmed at: Universal City Studios, Inc,; Warner Bros. Studios, California; The City of Orange, California;  Thousand Oaks, California; Yosemite National Park, California. 

    Promotional Partners - The "Small Soldiers" logo will be emblazoned on Joe Gibbs' racing cars for five races including Bobby Labonte's car for the Pepsi 400 NASCAR Winston Race at Daytona International Speedway on 11 July. Hasbro is "Small Soldiers" major toy licensee and  will be making about 100 products based on the movie. Other promotional partners include Burger King, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Travelodge. The film's official Web site will be provided by Curiocity's FreeZone

    imho - Absolutely great CGI (computer generated imagery) and special effects. Kids will love the special effects and animation. The best acting is done by the two kids, Gregory Smith and Kirsten Dunst. The parents are parents from the kids viewpoint so you got it. They just don't understand. But Gregory and Kirsten save the day. The best acting by a toy is the Gorgonite leader, Archer. Archer is absolutely great. And Archer's voice (Frank Langella) is well done. Slow paced, particularly the beginning while the plot is established but picks up later into the film when the Action Figures arrive. Good sound both the music soundtrack and the effects. The movie may not appeal to all. The real young or the older kids may be bored of the story line. Adults may not like the battle subject. The kids will love the effects and particularly the toys [oops, did I say that? :) I mean Action Figures.] as they come to life. It's "War". There will be no mercy! 

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    "Small Soldiers (1998)" 
    Starring: Dunst, Hartman, et al. 
    Edition Details: 
    NTSC format (for use in US and Canada only) 
    Color, Closed-captioned, NTSC 
    Number of tapes: 1 
    ASIN: 0783230095
    "Small Soldiers : The Movie Scrapbook" by Alex Worman, Stan Winston paperback - 64 pages, (June 1998) Reading level Ages 9-12 available through Amazon.com. Click on this link for more information and availability. 

    "Small Soldiers : The Movie Storybook" by Jennifer Dussling, Stan Winston, hardcover 40 pages, (June 1998) Reading level: Ages 9-12 available through Amazon.com. Click on this link for more information and availability. 

    "Small Soldiers : Top-Secret Dossier" by Irwin Wayfair, Stan Winston Hardcover - 80 pages (June 1998) Reading level: Ages 9-12 available through Amazon.com. Click on this link for more information and availability. 

    "Small Soldiers" [TBA] Small Soldiers Audio CD (July 14, 1998) available through Amazon.com. Click on this link for more information and availablity. 

    "Soundtrack Small Soldiers" Audio CD (July 7, 1998) available through Amazon.com. 
    Click on this link for more information and availablity. 
    Click on CD cover at right for larger image.


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