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Simply Irresistible Movie 
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Simply Irresistible 
Release date: 5 February 1999 
Simply Irresistible Official Web Site - New Regency 
20th Century Fox 
Regency Enterprises 
Sarah Michelle Gellar ---- Amanda Shelton, the magical chef and restaurant owner 
Sean Patrick Flanery ----- Tom Bartlett, department store workaholic 
Patricia Clarkson --------- Lois McNally, Tom's secretary 
Dylan Baker -------------- Jonathan Bendel, Tom's boss 
Christopher Durang ------ Gene O’Reilly, a magical type 
Larry Gilliard Jr. --------- Nolan Traynor, Armanda's assistant 
Betty Buckley ------------ Stella 

Produced by -------------- John Fiedler, Jon Amiel, Joe Caracciolo Jr. 
Executive producers ---- Arnon Milchan, Elisabeth Robinson 
Co-producer ------------- Brian Maas 
Directed by -------------- Mark Tarlov 
Camera ------------------ Robert Stevens 
Editor -------------------- Paul Karasick 
Music -------------------- Gil Goldstein 
Production designers --- John Kafarda, William Barclay 
Art directors ------------ Beth Khun, Caty Maxey 
Costume designer ------ Katherine Jane Bryant 
Assistant directors ----- J. Miller Tobin, Tom Reilly 
Screenplay -------------- Judith Roberts 
Casting ------------------ Hopkins Smith Barden 
MPAA Rated PG-13 for brief sexual references. 
Running time: 95 min 

In the movie, "Simply Irresistible", Armada Shelton inherits a small restaurant in Manhattan but finds that as owner/chef it takes a little more than what she apparently has. With the help of Gene O'Reilly, she adds the right touch of magic and makes some very interesting dishes. But the magic does seem to have it's limitations on Tom Bartlett and the comedy romance begins. 

Magic opened up their hearts... Love did the rest. 

Comedy, Romance 

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"Simply Irresistible Original Soundtrack
Audio CD (February 9, 1999) 
Bmg/Restless; ASIN: B00000HZOT 
Track Listings 
1. Our Love Is Going To Last Forever - Spain 
2. All That You Are - Econoline Crush 
3. Take Your Time - Lori Carson 
4. Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered - Katalina 
5. Parkway - The Hang Ups 
6. That Old Black Magic - Jessica 
7. He's Got The Girl - Reiss 
8. Busted - Jennifer Paige 
9. Angel Of The Forever Sleep, The - Marcy Playground
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