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She's All That Movie
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She's All That 
Release date: 29 January 1999 
She's All That Official Web Site - Miramax 
Tapestry Films and Film Colony 

Freddie Prinze Jr. ------------- Zack Siler, the man on campus 
Rachael Leigh Cook ---------- Laney Boggs, geek to princess 
Matthew Lillard --------------- Brock Hudson, gets Taylor 
Paul Walker ------------------- Dean Sampson 
Jodi Lyn O’Keefe ------------ Taylor Vaughan, leaves Zack for Brock 
Kevin Pollak ------------------ Wayne Boggs, Laney's dad 
Anna Paquin ------------------ Mackenzie Siler 
Kieran Culkin ----------------- Simon Boggs, Laney's brother 
Elden Henson ----------------- Jesse Jackson 
Usher Raymond -------------- Campus D.J. 
Kimberly “Lil’ Kim” Jones -- Alex 
Gabrielle Union --------------- Katie 
Dule Hill ----------------------- Preston Harrison 

Directed by ------------------- Robert Iscove 
Produced by ------------------ Peter Abrams, Robert L. Levy, Richard N. Gladstein 
Executive producers --------- Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein 
Co-executive producers ---- Jeremy Kramer, Jill Sobel Messick 
Assistant directors ---------- James Sbardelatti, Randall Badger 
Co-producers ---------------- Jennifer Gigbot, Richard Hull 
Associate producers -------- Kyle Ham, Lila Yacoub 
Screenplay ------------------- R. Lee Fleming Jr. 
Camera ----------------------- Francis Kenny 
Editor ------------------------- Casey O. Rohrs 
Score ------------------------- Stewart Copeland 
Production designer --------- Charles Breen 
Art director ------------------ Gary Diamond 
Costume designer ----------- Denise Wingate 
MPAA Rating: PG-13 
Running time: 91 min 
In "She's All That", you have the geek of a princess who gets made over in time for the prom and the guy who helps make-her-over falls in love. So the plot is not original. Not sure that anyone really cares. 

What's a guy to do. Zack, the cool guy,  gets back from Spring Break to discover that his girlfriend, Taylor, is moving on to Brock. The bet is placed and Zack's friend Dean picks Laney as the girl that Zack is to make into Prom Queen. And of course, Laney decides she likes the idea. But wait, Brock leaves Taylor. Taylor goes back after Zack. So who is going to be with Zack? And who has Zack fallen in love with during all this? And who is going to be Prom King and Queen? 

Kiss Me - The movie "She's All That" features the hit single "Kiss Me" performed by Sixpence None the Richer. 

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"Sixpence None The Richer
Sixpence None The Richer 
Audio CD (February 10, 1998)
Squint; ASIN: B000006FAV
1. We Have Forgotten
2. Anything
3. The Waiting Room
4. Kiss Me
5. Easy To Ignore
6. Puedo Escribir
7. I Can't Catch You
8. The Lines Of My Earth
9. Sister, Mother
10. I Won't Stay Long
11. Love
12. Moving On
Fan Comments
21 Apr - hey everyone don't even think freddy is yours cause no matter what he'll always be mine! well anyways... she's all that is the best movie i have ever seen and i could watch it over and over again cause Freddie Prinze Jr. is so so so hot! I love you Freddie!!! -- Bran

4 Apr - I cant wait to see your movie although the theme is often used it still helps the geek at all schools to realise that they are not a lost cause, I'm sure it will be heartwarming - thank you

1 Apr - I have been a fan of Freddie's since I saw I Know What You Did Last Summer! I love his new movie I saw it several times!

1 Apr - I haven't seen She's all that yet , but all you girls out there think you've got freddie , well think again cause he's mine... HA HA HAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of L O V E -- Sandra

22 Mar -I thought the movie was so good I've watched it 3 times and I'm going to see it again. Freddie Prinze Jr. was so hot in all the movies he made. I'm one of your greatest greatest fans. I would like to meet you in California or in my hometown which is Tucson Arizona. Please make this come true please my dream is to meet you. Got to go now your greatest greatest fan. -- Regina V. bye.

7 Mar - Freddie, I love you. I think you are the cutest guy ever in the world.  LUV -- your biggest fan Felicia

7 Mar - I love Freddie.

6 Mar - All you girls think Freddie's yours? Well step aside cause he's mine! Like he is so fine in She's all that and especially the dancing, oh that was so cool! I love you! Don't believe those girls who say they're your no. 1 fan because I am! I even made a collage about you. --Tiffany 

4 Mar - Oh my god!!!! Freddie your movie was the best. I have seen that movie exactly 10 times. Well you are a major babe and the hottest guy I have ever seen. I am obsessed with you. I love you o much!!!! -- Danielle 13

3 Mar - Finally a movie I actually liked!! The storyline was great and the casting even better. Yeah, Freddie is hot, but don't forget the rest of the cast. -- Thanx  : )

26 Feb - She's All That was the best movie this year that I've ever seen. Freddie Prinze Jr. is the bomb.  I went to go see it 5 times because of him!!!!  Rachael Leigh Cook is the best actress.

25 Feb - It was an AWESOME movie. Just seeing Freddie Prinze Jr. in it made it a million times better. Freddie Prinze Jr. is such a HOTTIE and will be mine forever. -- Karly T.

25 Feb - I wish I was Rachael Lee Cook at the kissing scene.  I would kiss him anytime of the day. Freddie Prinze, Jr. makes my friends and I practically faint. I love you Freddie, Rachael you are soooo LUCKY and PRETTY!!!!!!!!!! Love Tigger

22 Feb - That movie is the bomb:) I'll never forget this one. Freddie was very attractive. My friends would tell me that I'm obsess, what can I do? He's a very fine young man. I'll see that movie again. I wish there was a way to meet him, but oh well. Cool flick, that's all I can say;) Love yah, freddie :] -- pooh bear

19 Feb - Oh my god! What a hotty! Freddie is soooo hot! So far I have seen the movie 4 times. I love it! I wish freddie was mine, hey consider it! The movie was great also my #1 favorite!  I love freddie! -- #1 fan shannon **

19 Feb - It was a good movie and seeing Paul Walker made it 100 times better. I want to say thanx to who ever did the casting. -- Kate =)

18 Feb - Hey! You did a great job in She's All That! It was a great movie and I enjoyed seeing you! You seem to have a great personality and you're really cute! :)

18 Feb - I really enjoyed the movie, mainly because of the parallels the existed between the "she's all that" plot and all the classic, John Hughes, Molly Ringwald eighties films where the girl always gets the guy. My favorite scene was the dancing at the prom. I thought it just screamed "Footloose"! Face it Hollywood, the plot works, with the right cast. By the way, thanx for having Matthew Lillard in the movie. I'm a fan of his offbeat style with comedy. ~Merideth, RI~ 

13 Feb - I thought that "she's all that" was one of the best movies I have ever seen. It was sad, romantic, and very funny at the same time. Great casting job too with Freddie Prinze Jr the movie is even better. I loved the song "Kiss Me"  it went perfectly with the movie.

7 Feb - She's All That was the greatest movie. Freddie Prinze Jr. is so fine! Every girl I know wants to meet you!

4 Feb - Freddie ~ You are so fine! Your movie was the best! You were pretty good in I know what you did last summer also  I wish you'd come to South Dakota so you can see us all!!!!!!! -- Mallory

3 Feb  - You are so good looking. I'm one of your biggest fans. I enjoyed watching your bomb movie She's All That and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer part one and two. You are such a good actor. To tell you something I kind of got jealous when you kissed that girl at the ending of She's All That. (Just joking). But for real if there was someone who looked like you and is a good loving person like you I'll fall in love with him since I can't have the real you!!!! -- forever yours, Suli - j/k just one of your biggest fans. 

3 Feb - I think Freddie should have graduated from Sandia with us, the class of 1994 because he is an awesome guy and he had a lot of friends that supported him at Sandia High!!!!!!!!!!  I am really proud of his accomplishments and I wish him the best in all that he does!!! -- Sincerely Old English Class, Classmate N.G.

2 Feb - I Loved She's All That! The plot wasn't all-original... But WHO CARES! Every girl in the theater was swooning over Freddie (Prinze, Jr.) and Paul (Walker). That's a good enough reason for me to see it again! -- Lauren

1 Feb - I loved the movie, it was great! It was a *feel good* love movie... and I think all the guys were so hot, especially Freddie Prinze Jr. and Paul Walker :) -- helen

1 Feb - I love that movie! I'm gonna see it again <and again and again>! Freddie is so cute in it! The movie was really funny and I even liked the dance sequence! -- pam:)

31 Jan - I loved this movie! It is DA BOMB! All the guy characters are sooo FINE! They should have it come back in theatres later on! -- Kamille

31 Jan - Funny?...yes, Original?.....no, Predictable?....yes. What gives? A great movie with great cast and silly plot. What makes this movie GREAT is that it is another Adolescent Popularity attraction. Geek gets the Cool guy...gee, isn't always like that? Still an entertaining pic, I enjoyed it! -- J.T.

30 Jan - This movie was the greatest movie I have seen in a long time. The cast is so fine. I mean, you can't get any better than Freddie Prinze Jr., Matthew Lillard, and Paul Walker! These men are sooooo fine. Even though the plot wasn't too original, the movie was still awesome! :-) ---Shannon

30 Jan - The movie you gotta watch over and over and over again! Freddie Prinze Jr. is a mega-babe. I loved it. -- Smile:)

30 Jan - It was a awesome movie. I loved the story line, and the actors. It seems everyone in the theater loved it to. I was a great mix of funny, romantic, and amazing!!! -- J.C.

30 Jan - It was a good movie... and damn Freddie Prinze Jr. is fine!  and yes... all the girls were cheering... -- divine114

30 Jan - This movie was so cool!!!!!  Everyone in the movie theater was into it. People were cheering, it was great.  Freddie Prinze Jr. is so hot!!  I love this movie. :) -- Michelle


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