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Release date: 11 September 1998 
Rounders Official Web Site - web site is at Miramax 
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  • JohnTurturro ------- Joey Kinish
  • Famke Janssen ----- Petra
  • Gretchen Mol ------ Jo, Mike's girlfriend
  • John Malkovich ---- Teddy KGB, club owner
  • Martin Landau ----- Abe Petrovsky
  • Matt Damon ------- Mike McDermott, master card player
  • Edward Norton ---- Worm, Mike's longtime poker friend
  • Michael Rispoli ----- Grama, debt collector
  • Melina Kanakaredes -- Barbara
  • John Mostel -------- Zagosh
  • Lenny Clarke ------ Savino
  • Tom Aldredge ----- Judge Marinacci
  • Directed by ------------- John Dahl 
    Produced by ------------ Joel Stillerman, Ted Demme 
    Associate producers ---- Christopher Goode, Tracy Falco 
    Executive producers --- Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein, Bobby Cohen 
    Executive producer ---- Kerry Orent 
    Costume Design by ---- Terry Dresbach 
    Production Designer ---Rob Pearson 
    Photography by -------- Jean-Yves Escoffier 
    Edited by -------------- Scott Chestnut 
    Music supervisors ---- Randall Poster, Amanda Scheer-Demme 
    Music by -------------- Christopher Young 
    Casting by ------------- Avy Kaufman 
    Written by ------------- David Levien, Brian Koppelman 
    Rated R
    Running time 120 min

    In the movie, "Rounders", Mike (played by Matt) is a master card player who turns his life around and begins law school and a relationship with his girlfriend, played by Gretchen Mol. But Mike misses the excitement of the backroom poker games. His longtime friend Worm, played by Edward Norton, is released from prison. Mike must decide between the straight new life and a return to the highstakes life. Rounders is set in New York. 

    Filmed in New York.


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