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Return To Paradise 
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Return To Paradise 
Release date: 14 August 1998 
Return To Paradise Official Site 
Vince Vaughn --------- John 'Sheriff' Volgecherev, part of the trio 
Anne Heche ----------- Beth Eastern, Lewis' lawyer 
Joaquin Phoenix ------- Lewis, part of the trio that stays behind, ends up in prison 
Jada Pinkett Smith ----- M.J. Major 
David Conrad --------- Tony, part of the trio 
Vera Farmiga --------- Kerrie 
Nick Sandow ---------- Ravitch 
Ming Lee -------------- Mr. Chandran 
Joel De La Fuente ---- Mr. Doramin 
James Michael McCauley ----- Famous Divorce Lawyer 
Directed by ------------- Joseph Ruben 
Producer --------------- Alain Bernheim, Steve Golin 
Executive producer ---- David Arnold, Ezra Swerdlow 
Camera ----------------- Reynaldo Villalobos 
Edited by --------------- Craig McKay, Andrew Mondshein 
Music by --------------- Mark Mancina 
Costume designer -----  Juliet Polcsa 
Production designer --- Bill Groom 
Written by -------------- Bruce Robinson, Wesley Strick 
Rated R 

"Return To Paradise" is the 1998 movie about the moral dilemma that two young men must face as they find out that their buddy faces a death sentence - give up three years of their life or give up the life of their friend. They have eight days to decide. 

A couple of years earlier, John and Tony had left Lewis in the south east asia after having a great time and returned to the states. Now they find out through Beth that Lewis was arrested in Malaysia where he was tried and convicted as a drug dealer. The death sentence is scheduled in eight days unless one or both returns. One will get six years if only one returns and three years for each if they both return. 

Shot in Hong Kong, Macao, Thailand and Philadelphia (prison interiors). 

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