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Ravenous Movie 
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Release date: 19 March 1999 
Ravenous Official Web Site - Fox Movies 
20th Century Fox 
Guy Pearce -------------- Capt. John Boyd 
Robert Carlyle ----------- Colqhoun 
Jeffrey Jones ------------- Col. Hart 
David Arquette ---------- Cleaves 
Jeremy Davies ----------- Toffler 
John Spencer ------------ General Slauson 
Stephen Spinella --------- Knox 
Neal McDonough -------- Reich 
Bill Brochtrup 
Joseph Runningfox ------- George 
Sheila Tousey ------------ Martha 

Directed by --------------- Antonia Bird 
Written by ---------------- Ted Griffin 
Produced by ------------- Adam Fields, David Heyman 
Executive producer ------- Tim Van Rellim 
Music by ----------------- Michael Nyman 
Camera by --------------- Anthony B. Richmond 
Film Editing by ----------- Neil Farrell 
Casting ------------------- Kerry Barden 
Production Design by ----- Bryce Perrin 
Set Decoration ------------ Jiri Zucek 
Costume Design by -------- Sheena Napier 
make-up designer ---------- Fae Hammond 
production manager ------- Ondrej Slama 
first assistant director ------ Jirí Ostry 
second assistant director --- Martin Sebik 
third assistant director ----- Olda Mach 
special effects supervisor  -- Terry Glass 
stunt co-ordinator ---------- Paul Weston 
MPAA: Rated R for considerable gore and strong violence. 
Run time: 101 min 
In "Ravenous", the movie, the scene is 1847 in the United States during the time of the Mexican-American War when Capt. John Boyd is banished to a desolate military outpost in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. It's from the stranger Colqhoun that he learns the tale of the old Indian myth called Weendigo which states that a man who eats the flesh of another steals that person's strength, spirit and very essence. To eat or to be eaten. 

Cannibalistic gore. This film is definitely not for the younger ones. 

You are who you eat. 
Drama thriller. 

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Audio CD (March 9, 1999) 

Fan Comments 
27 Mar - I was very positively surprised with Ravenous, the film really caught me with its' insane cold mude and at the same time the sent of dark humor. Good characters, strange story, catching and very well supported by the great soundtrack by Michael Nymann + Damon Albarn. Thumbs up! -- fan from Canada

26 Mar - Today is the second time I've seen Ravenous since it came out. This movie is absolutely incredible for those who can appreciate it. While it won't be winning any awards any time soon, I think it's great that a movie like this can actually be made, for there are those out there who will be utterly mesmerized by it. And, my god, villians don't come any more wonderfuly demented than Robert Carlyle, what a brilliant performance. 

23 Mar - Fascinating film. Dark and murky and hilarious. A real laugh-out-loud for those who adore dark comedy. The inimitable Robert Carlyle is brilliant, as usual, with excellent supporting efforts from all, especially Jeffrey Jones. Not to be missed by the strong of stomach with a penchant for dark comedy! -- Samantha 

23 Mar - I just wanted to say that I think Ravenous is first rate. It is beautifully photographed, wonderfully acted and full of interesting complexity. Robert Carlyle is amazingly good as the cannibalistic Colqhoun/Ives and Jeffrey Jones does a great job with Col. Hart. Definitely don't miss Ravenous. 


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