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  • . Primary Colors 
    Release date: 20 March 1998 
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    Credits . Cast: 
  • John Travolta ----------- as Governor Jack Stanton
  • Emma Thompson ------ as Susan Stanton
  • Billy Bob Thornton ---- as Richard Jemmons, the redneck strategist
  • Kathy Bates ------------ as Libby Holden, loyal campaign troubleshooter
  • Adrian Lester ---------- as Henry Burton, idealistic son of a Civil Rights leader
  • Maura Tierney --------- as Daisy Green, campaign media advisor
  • Larry Hagman --------- as Governor Fred Picker
  • Diane Ladd ------------- as Mamma Stanton
  • Paul Guilfoyle ---------- as Howard Ferguson
  • Rebecca Walker ------- as March
  • Caroline Aaron --------- as Lucille Kaufman
  • Tommy Hollis ---------- as Fat Willie
  • Bob Reiner ------------- as Izzy Rosenblatt
  • Ben Jones -------------- as Arlen Sporken
  • J.C. Quinn -------------- as Uncle Charlie
  • Allison Janney --------- as Miss Walsh
  • Robert Klein ----------- as Norman Asher
  • MyKelti Williamson --- as Dewayne Smith
  • Tony Shalhoub --------- as Eddie Reyes
  • Brian Markinson ------- as Randy Culligan
  • Ned Eisenberg --------- as Brad Lieberman
  • O'Neal Compton ------- as Sailorman  Shoreson
  • Chelcie Ross ----------- as Charlie Martin
  • Bonnie Bartlett -------- as Martha Harris
  • John Vargas ----------- as Lorenzo Delgado
  • Stacy Edwards -------- as Jennifer Rogers
  • Gia Carides ------------ as Cashmere McLeod
  • Directed by: Mike Nichols 
    Produced by: Mike Nichols 
    Executive producers: Neil Machlis, Jonathan D. Krane 
    Co-producer: Michele Imperato 
    Screenplay by: Elaine May 
    Based on the novel by anonymous: Joe Klein 
    Edited by: Arthur Schmidt 
    Music by: Ry Cooder 
    Production designer: Bo Welch 
    Director of photography: Michael Ballhaus 
    Film editor: Angelo Corrao, Arthur Schmidt 
    Rated R for strong language and sexual references. 
    Running time: 143 min 

    . "Primary Colors" is the movie that is based on the best selling book ("Primary Colors") of a fictional account of a presidential primary campaign. The book is assumed to be based on the Clinton campaign in 1992. 

    Movie - Henry Burton is the idealistic strategist who only after watching the Governor at a Harlem rally agrees to take on the job of deputy campaign manager and run Stanton's long uphill struggle for the presidency. Henry sets up campaign headquarters in Mammoth Falls. Then the Governor along with Henry, Stanton's close friend and democratic political strategist Richard Jemmons, and of course his wife Susan begin the long trek. First stop, the New Hampshire primary. 

    Book - Based on the Book ( Primary Colors ) by Anonymous (Joe Klein), Randon House, ISBN 0679448594 
    Joe Klein confessed to being Anonymous. He is a Newsweek columnist and political reporter. 

    It has been suggested that the characters in the book most closely portray: 

    • Jack Stanton --------- Bill Clinton 
    • Susan Stanton -------- Hillary Clinton 
    • Jackie Stanton -------- Chelsea Clinton 
    • Orlando Ozio --------- Mario Cuomo 
    • Richard Jemmons ----- James Carville 
    • Henry Burton --------- George Stephanopolous 
    • Daisy Green ---------- Mandy Grunwald 
    • Luther Charles -------- Jesse Jackson 
    • Lawrence Harris ------ Paul Tsongas 
    • William Larkin -------- Dick Gephardt 
    • Charlie Martin -------- Bob Kerrey 
    • Cashmere McLeod --- Gennifer Flowers 
    • Donny O'Brien -------- Tip O'Neill
    • Libby Holden --------- Betsey Wright
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