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Polish Wedding
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. Polish Wedding
Release date: 3 July 1998
Fox Searchlight - Fox official site with Polish Wedding
Credits . Cast:
  • Claire Danes ----- Hala
  • Gabriel Byrne ----- Hala's father
  • Lena Olin ----- Hala's mother
  • Adam Trese ----- Russell Schuster
  • Erin Frosty ----- Church Attendant
  • Roderick Wingblad ----- Church Attendant
  • Mili Avital
  • Rade Serbedzija
  • Written and directed by: Theresa Connelly
    Produced by: Sarah Radclyffe, Lynn Siefert, Susan Tarr
    Photography by: Guy Dufaux
    Music by: Luis Enriquez Bacalov

    . Hala is caught in the spiral of her family's history. Her adventures late at night lead to relationship with Russell Schuster and a "Polish Wedding" is planned that just does not quite go as intended.
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