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  • . Titan A.E. 
    aka Planet Ice 
    Release date: 16 June 2000
    Titan A.E. Official Web Site
    20th Century Fox
    Credits . Cast - voices: 
  • Matt Damon ------- Cale
  • Bill Pullman -------- Joe Corso
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Nathan Lane
  • Lena Olin
  • Jim Breuer
  • Janeane Garofalo



    Directed by: Don Bluth
    Produced by: Brian Rosen, Gary Goldman
    Edited by: Bob Birchard 
    Casting: Marion Levine 
    Written by: Ben Edlund, Randall McCormick 

    . "Planet Ice", the movie - A futuristic animated story where Earth has been destroyed by an alien attack.  A young man then tries to save mankind through the help of a mysterious treasure map that he has been given. 

    There were some production and staff changes in early 1999 and the movie release date has been pushed back to mid 2000. Status as of 26 Feb 1999. 

    Animated movie with principal animation started in Los Angeles 1 August 1997

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