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Payback Movie 
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Release date: 5 February 1999 
Payback Official Web Site 
Paramount Pictures 
Mel Gibson ----------------- Porter 
Gregg Henry --------------- Val, Porter's partner 
Maria Bello ---------------- Rosie 
Deborah Kara Unger ----- Lynn, Porter's wife 
David Paymer ------------- Stegman 
Bill Duke ------------------- Detective Hicks 
Jack Conley ---------------- Detective Leary 
William Devane ----------- Carter 
Kris Kristofferson --------- Bronson 
John Glover ---------------- Phil 
Lucy Alexis ---------------- LiuPearl 

Produced by ------------------ Bruce Davey 
Executive producer ---------- Stephen McEveety 
Directed by ------------------- Brian Helgeland 
Camera ----------------------- Ericson Core 
Editor ------------------------- Kevin Stitt 
Music ------------------------- Chris Boardman 
Production designer --------- Richard Hoover 
Art direction ----------------- Troy Sizemore 
Set decorator ---------------- Sandy Struth 
Costume designer ----------- Ha Nguyen 
Special effects supervisor -- Bobb Stoker 
Stunt coordinator ------------ Mic Rodgers 
Assistant director ----------- Mark Cotone 
Casting ----------------------- Marion Dougherty 
Screenplay ------------------- Helgeland, Terry Hayes 
Based on the novel “The Hunter,” by Richard Stark 
MPAA Rated R for strong violence, language, and drug and sexual content. 
Running time: 110 min 

In the movie, "Payback", Porter goes to extremes in his own war against Val. Val was Porter's party in a crime but failed to give Porter his share - $70,000 - and instead left him for dead. Porter decides to take on Val and the the syndicate, Outfit. 

Note that "Point Blank", 1967 movie directed by John Boorman and starring Lee Marvin and Angie Dickinson also based on the same book. 

Based on the novel “The Hunter,” by Richard Stark 

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Audio CD (February 9, 1999) 
Uni/Varese Sarabande; ASIN: B00000I0OS
by Richard Stark 
Mass Market Paperback - 224 pages (March 1999) 
Warner Books; ISBN: 0446674648
Fan Comments 
7 Feb - I saw the movie last night and was totally disgusted. Payback is a terribly bloody and extremely violent film with no redeeming or entertainment value! None of the characters was likeable. The story line was boring and there were no intelligent actions or lines anywhere in the movie. As a Mel Gibson fan I can't believe he agreed to star in this film let alone do it. I hope he was paid well. All in all a waste of time and money. -- Disappointed fan in Hawaii. 

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