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    Release date: 17 April 1998 
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    DreamWorks Pictures
    Credits . With: 
  • Gena Rowlands -------- Ivy, see photo
  • Jay Mohr --------------- Paulie/Benny
  • Tony Shalhoub -------- Misha
  • Cheech Marin --------- Ignacio
  • Bruce Davison -------- Dr. Reingold
  • Trini Alvarado -------- Adult  Marie
  • Matt Craven ---------- Warren
  • Tia Texada ------------ Ruby/Lupe
  • Buddy Hackett -------- Artie
  • Hallie Kate Eisenberg -- as little girl Marie, see photo
  • Matt Craven ---------- Warren
  • Bill Cobbs ------------- Virgil
  • Tia Texada ------------ Ruby/Lupe
  • Laura Harrington ----- Lila
  • Peter Basch ----------- Grad Student #1
  • Emily Mura-Smith ---- Grad Student #2
  • Hal Robinson ---------- Gandpa
  • Tamara Zook ---------- Speech Therapist
  • Nicole Chamberlain --- Shirley
  • Charles Parks --------- Gerald
  • Seth Mumy ------------ Jeremy
  • Dig Wayne ------------ Research Assistant #1
  • Michael Leydon Campbell --- Research Assistant #2
  • Kristie Transeau -------- Veterinarian
  • Francesca Federico-O'Murchu --- Molly
  • Jerry Winsett ---------- Mr. Tauper
  • Bud Cox --------------- Doctor
  • Miguel Angel Arechiga, Adalberto Yanez, Oscar Flores, Jose Luna --- Mariachi Singers
  • Marcelo Berestovoy, Josh Cruze --- Cantina Singers
  • Yussi Wenger, Lawrence Godman, Martin Flores --- Cantina Band Members
  • Directed by: John Roberts, see photo 
    Produced by: Mark Gordon, Gary Levinsohn, Allison Lyon Segan 
    Executive producer: Ginny Nugent 
    Director of photography: Tony Pierce-Roberts 
    Production designer: Dennis Washington 
    Casting by: Risa Bramon Garcia, Randi  Hiller, Sarah Halley Finn 
    Film editor: Bruce Cannon 
    Costume designer: Mary Zophres 
    Music by: John Debney 
    Co-producer/unit production manager: Michele Weisler 
    First assistant director: Jeffrey Rafner 
    Second assistant director: Conte Matal 
    Animal stunt coordinator: Boone Narr 
    Second unit director: Mark Vargo 
    Written by: Laurie Craig 
    Animatronic Effects Designed and Created by: Stan Winston Studio 
    Special Visual Effects and Animation by: The Computer Film Company, London 
    Rated PG for brief mild language. 
    Running time: 91 min 

    . "Paulie" is the story of a little girl named Marie (Hallie Eisenberg) who forms a lifelong bond with a parrot named Paulie. 

    Paulie learns to not only speak but comprehend human language in this modern-day adventure fable. Paulie never quite understands the strange way that humans operate as he journeys through a series of funny and touching adventures in his quest to return to the little girl who raised and loved him. 

    Marie - Hallie Kate Eisenberg (Marie) makes her professional acting debut in "Paulie". Following completion of the film, she landed a role in the CBS television movie "Nicholas' Gift," with Jamie Lee Curtis and Alan Bates. She has also starred in a series of commercials for the independent Film Channel, playing Christy, "the hot new indy director." 

    Five years old, Hallie resides in East Brunswick, New Jersey with her parents, Amy and Barry, her sister Kerry (17), her brother Jesse (14), her cat, Witsy, and a dog, Simone. 

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    Photo Top: Director John Roberts (right) goes over a scene with Gena Rowlands and one of the parrots who plays Paulie
    Photo Bottom: A little girl named Marie (Hallie Kate Eisenberg) makes a special friend in Paulie
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