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The Parent Trap 
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The Parent Trap 
Release date 29 July 1998 about 900 sneak previews with Mulan 24 July 1998 
The Parent Trap Official Web Site 
Buena Vista / Walt Disney Productions 
  • Lindsay Lohan -------- Annie James, twin
  • Lindsay Lohan -------- Hallie Parker, twin
  • Dennis Quaid --------- Nick Parker, who raised Hallie
  • Natasha Richardson -- Elizabeth James, who raised Annie
  • Elaine Hendrix -------- Meredith Blake
  • Lisa Ann Walter ----- Chessy, Hallie's nanny
  • Simon Kunz ---------- Martin, Annie's family butler
  • Polly Holliday --------- Marva Kulp Sr.
  • Maggie Wheeler ------ Marva Kulp Jr.
  • Ronnie Stevens ------- Grandfather
  • Erin Mackey ---------- Acting double for Hallie / Annie
  • Director --------------- Nancy Meyers 
    Producer -------------- Charles Shyer 
    Co-producers --------- Bruce A. Block 
    Associate producer ---- Julie B. Crane 
    Assistant director ------ Albert Shapiro 
    Camera --------------- Dean A. Cundey 
    Music ----------------- Alan Silvestri 
    Production Design ----- Dean Tavoularis 
    Costume Design ------- Penny Rose 
    Film Editing ------------ Stephen A. Rotter 
    Special visual effects --- CIS Hollywood 
    Screenplay by  --------- David Swift, Nancy Meyers, Charles Shyer 
    Based on the book "Das Doppelte Lottchen" by Erich Kastner 
    Rated PG 
    Running time 127 min 
    "The Parent Trap", the 1998 movie, is an updated version of the 1961 comedy. Lindsay Lohan plays both Annie and Hallie, the two twin sisters who were separated shortly after birth and neither twin knew she had a sister until their meet at a summer camp. Hallie and Annie then decide to switch identities. 


    Lindsay Lohan - Lindsay is the 12 year old that plays the same role that Hayley Mills created in Disney's 1961 version She plays both roles as the set of identical twins in this movie. Her mother, Dina Lohan, is an actress on television soaps and the stage. Her brother Michael and sister Aliana are models. Lindsay is the eldest of four children. Lindsay started as a model wit the prestigious Ford agency. She then did more than 60 television commercials including spots for the Gap, Jell-O, Pizza Hut and Wendy's.  She was also in the TV series "Healthy Kids" and she played the long running character of Alli in TV's daytime drama "Another World." She also appeared on "Guiding Light." 

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