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Office Space Movie
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Office Space 
Release date: 19 February 1999 
Office Space Official Web Site
20th Century Fox 

Ron Livingston ---------- Peter Gibbons, computer programmer 
Jennifer Aniston ---------- Joanne, waitress 
David Herman ----------- Michael Bolton, software engineer 
Ajay Naidu -------------- Samir 
Diedrich Bader ---------- Lawrence, Peter's next door neighbor 
Stephen Root ----------- Milton 
Gary Cole -------------- Bill Lumbergh, the boss 
Richard Riehle ---------- Tom Smykowski 

Directed by ------------- Mike Judge 
Written by -------------- Mike Judge 
Produced by ------------ Michael Rotenberg, Daniel Rappaport 
Executive producer ----- Guy Riedel 
Camera ----------------- Tim Suhrstedt 
Editor ------------------- David Rennie 
Production designer ----- Edward McAvoy 
Costume designer ------- Melinda Eshelman 
Art director ------------- Adele Plauche 
Music ------------------- John Frizzell 
Sound ------------------ Stacy F. Brownrigg 
Assistant director ------- James W. Murray Jr. 
Casting ----------------- Nancy Klopper 
MPAA Rated R for language and brief sexuality. 
Running time: 89 min 
In "Office Space", the movie takes place in an office (it could be your office if  you feel like you live in a cubicle and have a boss from hell) and is the tale of the Initech Corp. workers who spend their days in their cubicles, hate their jobs and decide to rebel against their greedy boss. Rich in characters. Pete Gibbons goes through some changes as he attempts to get a life and get even. Michael Bolton and Samir are Peter's co-workers. 

Work sucks.

Comedy, romance. 

Filmed on location in Austin, Texas. 

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Fan Comments
10 Apr - Hopefully Mike Judge I thought this movie was funny I totally and depressingly could relate.  Oh yeah Work does suck 

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