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October Sky Movie 
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October Sky 
Release date: 19 February 1999 
October Sky Official Web Site 
Universal Pictures 
 Jake Gyllenhaal ------------ Homer Hickam, the rocket kid 
Chris Cooper -------------- John Hickam, Homer's father 
Laura Dern ---------------- Miss Riley, teacher 
Chris Owen --------------- Quentin 
William Lee Scott ---------- Roy Lee 
Chad Lindberg ------------- O’Dell 
Natalie Canerday ---------- Elsie Hickam 
Scott Miles ---------------- Jim Hickam 
Randy Stripling ------------ Leon Bolden 
Chris Ellis ----------------- Principal Turner 

Directed by ---------------- Joe Johnston 
Produced by -------------- Charles Gordon, Larry Franco 
Executive producers ------- Marc Sternberg, Peter Cramer 
Camera ------------------- Fred Murphy 
Editor --------------------- Robert Dalva 
Production designer ------- Barry Robison 
Costume designer --------- Betsy Cox 
Art director --------------- Tony Fanning 
Music --------------------- Mark Isham 
Sound --------------------- Mary Ellis 
Special effects supervisor -- Joey DiGaetano 
Special visual effects ------- Industrial Light & Magic 
Visual effects supervisor --- Jim Mitchell 
Assistant director ---------- Betsy Magruder 
Casting -------------------- Nancy Foy 
Screenplay ----------------- Lewis Colick 
Based on the book "Rocket Boys" by Homer H. Hickam Jr. 
MPAA Rated PG for language, brief teen sensuality and alcohol use, and for some thematic elements. 
Running time: 108 min 

In "October Sky", the movie is based on the true story of Homer Hickam who grew up in this coal mining West Virginia town in the late 1950's, a teenager who loved rockets, and became a NASA engineer. 

Based on the book "Rocket Boys" by Homer H. Hickam Jr. 

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"October Sky (formerly Rocket Boys)
by Homer H. Hickam 
Mass Market Paperback - 428 pages (February 16, 1999) 
Bantam Doubleday Dell Books; ISBN: 0440235502 

"Rocket Boys (aka October Sky)
by Homer H. Hickam, Homer H. Hickman 
Hardcover - 352 pages (September 15, 1998) 
Delacorte Pr; ISBN: 038533320X
Fan Comments 
6 Apr - I saw the movie on a school field trip, at first everyone thought that October Sky was gonna be horrible, but then after the show, everyone loved it and I thought it was funny, serious, and it had a great moral!

5 Apr - We saw October Sky tonight. My older son said on an order of 10 for "Forest Gump," this was surely a 9+. I don't see many movies. This is one of the best ever. Ben Kinney Sr. 

1 Apr - The movie was great. I think that it really brought out the truth about how hard it was to dream about big things that are so amazing when everyone is telling you to get your head out of the sky! I really enjoyed the movie. -- H.L. tuscola Il. 

29 Mar - I really enjoyed watching this movie because of the adamant character of Homer Hickam. (Also the fact that the actor Jake G. has amazing eyes, but that's besides the point, ahem!) It is amazing how a person can change under one starry night of gazing at a satellite (well it really isn't that surprising considering the fact that it was the FIRST satellite!)  But sometimes I can't help but wish that someday I could experience that sort of fascination for the unknown that would change my life forever.  I am also 'jealous' of his passionate pursuit that captivated him.  I wish sometimes that I could BE like that for my major, chemistry!  I would like to even meet Homer Hickam - if only that were possible! - Fe Consolacion 

25 Mar - This was an extraordinary movie. The part of Homer Hickam was nicely played! I would give it a five star rating! -- Ali (12) Bluefield, West Virginia 

8 Mar - The movie "October Sky" was the best movie I have seen in years. I wish there were more like it. I also really appreciated the actors chosen for this movie. They were not really well known, but they were wonderful nevertheless. I have been searching for any kind of info on Chad Lindberg and Jake Gyllenhaal without much luck. I was hoping maybe you could help me or post this so someone else could help me. My email address is S4200eh@aol.com. I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you! -- Sarah 


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