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Notting Hill Movie 
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Notting Hill 
Release date: 28 May 1999 
Notting Hill Official Web Site 
Julia Roberts ----------------- Anna Scott 
Hugh Grant ------------------ William Thacker 
Hugh Bonneville ------------- Bernie 
Emma Chambers ------------ Honey 
James Dreyfus -------------- Martin 
Rhys Ifans ------------------- Spike 
Tim McInnerny ------------- Max 
Gina McKee ---------------- Bella 
Richard McCabe ----------- Tony 
Alec Baldwin --------------- Anna’s boyfriend 
Dylan Moran 
Roger Frost 
Julian Rhind-Tutt 
Lorelei King 
John Shrapnel 
Clarke Peters 
Arturo Venegas 
Mischa Barton, 
Henry Goodman 
Melissa Wilson, 
Emma Bernard 
Sam West 
Ann Beach 

Directed by ------------------ Roger Michell 
Produced by ----------------- Duncan Kenworthy 
Executive producers -------- Tim Bevan, Richard Curtis, Eric Fellner 
Screenplay ------------------- Richard Curtis 
Camera ---------------------- Michael Coulter 
Editor ------------------------- Nick Moore 
Music ------------------------- Trevor Jones 
Production designer --------- Stuart Craig 
Art directors ----------------- Andrew Ackland-Snow, David Allday 
Costume designer ----------- Shuna Harwood 
Visual effects supervisor --- Tim Webber 
Assistant director ----------- Chris Newman 
Casting ----------------------- Mary Selway 
Running time: 123 min 
PG-13 for sexual content and brief strong language. 
In "Notting Hill", the movie, the story is about a a small bookstore owner, William Thacker, who has a zero life while a famous star, Anna Scott, can not seem to get out of the light. Their paths meet in this Notting Hill neighborhood and neither one of them is expecting romance. 
Romantic comedy. 

Related Items 
"Notting Hill: Music From The Motion Picture
Various Artists - Soundtracks - 1999, Trevor Jones 
Audio CD (May 18, 1999) 
Pgd/Island; ASIN: B00000J2VF 
1. No Matter What - Boyzone 
2. You've Got A Way - Shania Twain (Notting Hill remix) 
3. I Do (Cherish You) - 98 Degrees 
4. She - Elvis Costello 
5. Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers 
6. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart? - Al Green 
7. Gimme Some Lovin' - Spencer Davis Group 
8. When You Say Nothing At All - Ronan Keating 
9. Ain't No Sunshine - Lighthouse Family (bonus track) 
10. From The Heart - Another Level (bonus track) 
11. Everything About You - Steve Poltz (remix, bonus track) 
12. Will And Anna - Trevor Jones (Score) 
13. Notting Hill - Trevor Jones (Score) 
"Notting Hill
by Richard Curtis 
Paperback - 224 pages 0 edition (May 1999) 
Hodder & Stoughton; ISBN: 0340738448 

Fan Comments 

5 Jul - I just saw it for the second time... it was just as good..no better!!!!  : -)

4 Jul - I have fallen in love with the Notting Hill soundtrack and especially like the Ronan Keating rendition of "When You Say Nothing At All."  I'd like to find out more about Keating and additional music by him but have met with a dead end.  Any suggestions?


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