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The Negotiator
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The Negotiator
Release date 31 July 1998
The Negotiator Official Web Site
Warner Bros.
  • Samuel L. Jackson ---- Danny Roman, Chicago police, prime suspect
  • Kevin Spacey -------- Chris Sabian, negotiator
  • David Morse --------- Commander Adam Beck, SWAT
  • Ron Rifkin ----------- Commander Frost, Danny's friend
  • John Spencer -------- Chief Al Travis, Danny's superior officer
  • J.T. Walsh ----------- Terence Niebaum, Chicago Internal Affairs
  • Regina Taylor -------- Karen Roman, Danny's demanding wife
  • Siobahn Fallon ------- Maggie
  • Paul Giamatti --------- Rudy
  • Director --------------- F. Gary Gray
    Producer -------------- David Hoberman, Arnon Milchan
    Executive producers ---- Robert Stone, Webster Stone, David Nicksay
    Co-producer ----------- Albert Beveridge
    Camera --------------- Russell Carpenter
    Music ----------------- Graeme Revell
    Production Design ----- Holger Gross
    Costume Design ------- Francine Jamison-Tanchuck
    Film Editing ------------ Christian Wagner
    Screenplay by  --------- James DeMonaco, Kevin Fox
    Rated R
    Running time 138 min

    "The Negotiator", the 1998 movie, is inspired by a real case involving the St. Louis police. The story is that of a falsely accused man who does what it takes to prove his innocence. Danny must turn in his badge and gun and then face charges of murder and embezzlement. In desperation, he takes his superiors as hostage.

    Action thriller

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