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The Mummy Movie
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The Mummy 
Release date: 7 May 1999 
The Mummy Official Web Site

Brendan Fraser ------------- Rick O’Connell 
Rachel Weisz --------------- Evelyn 
John Hannah ---------------- Jonathan 
Arnold Vosloo -------------- Imhotep 
Kevin J. O’Connor --------- Beni 
Jonathan Hyde -------------- The Egyptologist 
Oded Fehr ------------------ Ardeth Bay 
Erick Avari ----------------- The Curator 
Stephen Dunham ----------- Henderson 
Corey Johnson -------------- Daniels 
Tuc Watkins ---------------- Burns 
Omid Djalili ----------------- Warden 
Aharon Ipale ---------------- Pharaoh 
Bernard Fox ---------------- Winston 
Patricia Velasquez ---------- Anck-Su-Namun 
Carl Chase ----------------- Hook 
Mohammed Afifi ---------- Hangman 

Directed by ------------------ Stephen Sommers 
Produced by ----------------- James Jacks, Sean Daniel 
Executive producer --------- Kevin Jarre 
Co-producer ----------------- Patricia Carr 
Written by ------------------- Stephen Sommers 
Screen story by ------------- Sommers, Lloyd Fonvielle, Kevin Jarre 
Camera ---------------------- Adrian Biddle 
Editor ------------------------ Bob Ducsay 
Music ------------------------ Jerry Goldsmith 
Production designer -------- Allan Cameron 
Art directors, ---------------- Tony Reading, Giles Masters,  Clifford Robinson, Peter Russell 
Set decorator ---------------- Peter Howitt 
Costume designer ----------- John Bloomfield 
Visual effects supervisor --- John Andrew Berton Jr. 
Special effects supervisor -- Chris Corbould 
Live action creature effects supervisor -- Nick Dudman 
The mummy designed by --- the ILM Character Design Group 
Additional visual effects ---- Cinesite 
Stunt coordinator ------------- Simon Crane 
Associate producer ---------- Megan Moran 
Assistant director ------------ Cliff Lanning 
Second unit director --------- Greg Michael 
Second unit camera --------- Harvey Harrison 
Casting ----------------------- John and Ros Hubbard 
MPAA Rating: PG-13 
Running time: 124 min 
In "The Mummy", the movie, the story is about Egypt and the discovery of the Lost City of the Dead. Rick O'Connell is in Egypt looking to enjoy himself when he discovers the archaeological find of the century. The city contains all the treasures of Egypt and perhaps the secrets of life and death. You have the normal here and now obstacles such as death traps, man-eating beetles, hooked mercenary along with the return from the grave types. Heavy on visual effects. 

Action horror thriller. 

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"The Mummy: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
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Audio CD (May 4, 1999) 
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Fan Comments
For more Oded Fehr comments see Oded Fehr page

22 Jun - Saw the movie again...currently, my "Mummy" count is 6. Oded is so fantastic. Besides his gorgeous looks, he can act!  :) Marissa

13 Jun - Hello AGAIN everyone. Saw "The Mummy" again today... of course, because of Oded. How much more can be said that hasn't been said already? Yum. -- *marissa*

6 Jun - Mesmerizing! That's a word for Oded Fehr! Intelligently appealing! Wow...  I am lost for words...  takes my breath away...  Hope to see him again next time and he is great and intense! - Doc 

1 Jun - I have to add my comments to the general furor that has arisen in regard to the gorgeous, mesmerizing, fascinating, delectable and incredible Oded Fehr... His darkly handsome allure has inspired websites and message boards all through the Net... Most definitely he is a man to be watched over and over again... He conveyed such brooding sensuality and extracted the most basic of feminine response from those who were taken by him... yet, i feel like we also responded to the integrity and passion we saw in his eyes... Mere words cannot do this man justice... I am reduced to simply, "wow."  ~enigmatic~ 

31 May - Hi all. I just say the Mummy last night and thought it was great. The special effects were incredible and the movie was very entertaining. However, the theatre I saw it in interrupted the credits. Does anyone know who the actor was that was the last of the three americans killed by the mummy?  I'm terrible with names and he looks very familiar. Thanks for the help. -- MP 

31 May - Hi.. This is for the Oded fan that wrote on May 21. I rewatched Cleopatra and Oded shows up in part 2 as the Egyptian captain in Cleo's navy. He has a goatee and short hair, no long wonderful locks like in the Mummy.  He has several small parts in Cleopatra.. If you still don't see him, look for the scene when Marc Antony's (how 'bout Billy Zane? :-)  ship appears to be going down and Cleopatra thinks he is dead. Oded is next to her, and you even get a shot of his legs.. good luck finding him! 

29 May - Hello again everyone. I saw "The Mummy" yesterday and today for the third and fourth times.  It was great to see it again. I love it!!!!!!!!! And of course, I had to see Oded again. He is so gorgeous. SO gorgeous!!!!! I forgot all the parts he had. One of my friends thinks he's hot also, so now I have someone to see it with again (and again, and again...)  Thank you to everyone who posted the links for pictures and other Oded-related things. You people are fantastic.  "Cleopatra" was good, but I think he should have had more parts. Thank God for slow-motion and rewind!!!  :) Enjoy, and happy swooning! -- Marissa 

29 May - Oh My God... That movie must be the awesomest flick I have seen in a LONG time! I went to see it the first day it came out, and two times after that. The reason why? Arnold Vosloo... He is the hottest mummy (when he is fully regenerated then..) I've ever seen!! Congratulations to his wife; when I read the other fan-comments I understand there's quite a lot of peeps that like im too. Geez... Ok, honestly, Oded Fehr was pretty hot too, but all my attention went out to Imoteph. I'd almost wish I were Anck-Su-Namun, before she died of course :) . So romantic.  It is really too bad that there isn't any information about him out there, I only found out that he's from South Africa, and one of the other fans mentioned that he's 36 and married. Hey, a girl can dream right? I am gonna go see it again tomorrow. Can't get enough of it. I've been exploring all The Mummy pages since May 7th :). I love that movie. Lots of suspense, humor and action. I don't understand why some critics rate it so badly! This movie is just awesome. Oh, but I don't get the whole thing about Titanic. Wasn't the guy with the weird hat in that movie? Oh well. If anyone should have info on Mr. Vosloo... post it!!! I ll check back here every day, and im sure other people will too!!! EVERYBODY KEEP ENJOYING THE MUMMY, IMOTEPH, AND ODED!!!! I SURE WILL... :) ~~~~Marjet~~~~ 

28 May - The Spud, here. Yes, saw Cleopatra..... You didn't miss anything. Fehr was in the second part as a brief character (Cleopatra's naval captain). His performance was a bit stagy. ( I had the impression that he ran all the way from some theatrical gig to put his two bits in (albeit, sincerely delivered - just a little overdone for the small screen. ) But, hey, no more than the blatant overacting of the stars of the show!. I more than forgive him.  (The guy's got to make a living, right?)  I'm sure all his fans are leaving their VCRs on "pause" during the two-shots......!! (We're having so much fun with this poor man, aren't we??!) 
Look, Mr. Fehr..... you ARE going places, so bear with us until your first sure-to-be-landed dramatic masterpiece. (And please don't let them type-cast you. You're better than that.) Then you can bask in the glow of real critical acclaim and not suffer this adolescent banter. 

28 May - Oded Fehr! What more can be said!  The man is amazing!  Oh, please... let him be single! He is the definition of "smoldering".  I have seen the movie three times... the last two for Oded, of course!  He is in a word....incredible!  Gee, that doesn't even say it all. He has a fan club right???? -- Lori 

26 May - You were not alone. I looked for Oded too on ABC's Cleopatra parts 1 & 2 and didn't see him! My eyes were literally glued to the set, you can't forget a face like his! 

25 May - Hello again, I just wanted to say that I saw the T.V. series of Cleopatra. I saw part 1 and 2 and I did see Oded in there. I only saw him in part 2 of Cleopatra, towards the end of the movie. At first, I did not recognize his face. His beard and mustache were shaven off! But I did recognize his voice. But he was shown nearly towards the end of the movie where Cleopatra was on the boat looking for Marc Antony. He did have a small part though, but a good one as well. Well, I hope to see more of him soon. I love your site and I'll be coming back more often! §:o) -- Julie 

25 May - I watched Cleopatra not knowing that Oded Fehr was in it and spotted him. I was actually wondering the past day if it was really him. I guess it was. He had a small (and I mean small) part. All you could really see was the side of his head. 

25 May - Oded wasn't in part one I don't think. He was however the captain in charge of construction on the fleet.  And he definitely looks much better in black. Although a little strange without sideburns. Anyway, he was the guy in black on the right in the scene with the queen and her advisors. 

24 May - I didn't see Oded on Cleopatra last night either??? I was hoping someone else saw him!! Haha... well, I'll watch again tonight... and HOPE I see him... Enjoy! 

24 May - I saw Cleopatra and even taped it. I rewinded the tape and watched it again very carefully but didn't see him.  There was someone who did have similar looking eyebrows as Oded but couldn't tell because the face was fuzzy. Didn't look like him, I am sure I would have noticed him.  Hopefully we will see something of him tonight. If not, I'd be seriously disappointed. 

24 May - O.K., I watched part 1 of Cleopatra last night and I couldn't identify Oded. Did anyone see him? He was in the credits, but it went by so fast, I couldn't see the name of his character and oops!  I didn't tape it. Please post a note if you did. This page is great!  Thanks for all the website info. 

21 May - Yummy! :o) So very happy to find this page. This has got to be the best movie I've seen in a long, long time. It was great to see Fraser in this sort of a role. There was action, humor, horror, suspense... A very well rounded, genre breaking movie that was an extreme delight. Picking my favorite female character is way too easy compared to picking the favorite male, but my heart goes out completely to poor Anck-su-namun and Imohtep. Ah, Imohtep. *sigh* Mr. Vosloo did a remarkable job with that role. Such a presence, you know? Okay, and that he lost article after article of clothing in each scene helped a bit... *lol* As for comparing him to some one from the Titanic? I read that here, and then a pal at work said the same thing, but I just don't see it! 

:o) It's good to be married. I wish him success and happiness and lots of love in his life! There is no harm in drooling, right? I truly hope we see more of all four of the main people. *nodnod* I think Vosloo should play a good guy for once, and perhaps even a nice, seductive vampire sometime.... I am a sucker for the not so human, me thinks! Have a great day! Off to see it again.... -- JoJo 

21 May - I was so glad to see so many other Arnold Vosloo fans! I saw him in "The Mummy" and he completely made the film for me. One or two facts for those who are looking: He's 36 years old and I'm sorry to disappoint the ladies as to his marital status, but he is married. He makes reference to his wife in the June issue of the magazine "Cinefantastique". Well, there's still hope for Oded Fehr, ladies! :o) 

21 May - The Mummy!!! ODED!!!!! Good god, this man is GOD!!! Frickin' yah baby!!!! Well, I saw the movie the day it opened little knowing who was in it... ODED!!!!! Well! I can see I'm not the only one (myself and my friends) who fell for Oded!!! I see Arnold "The mummy" also has a following!!! Well, the last two times I saw the movie was solely for Oded's sake!!! Great movie!!! Oded!!!!! (And John Hannah... *grin*) 

21 May - What a great movie! It is about time that Hollywood did something that combines action, romance, horror, comedy, along with a sweeping desert epic! Now admittingly the actors and actresses are beautiful to look at but they are also very talented. I have seen the movie twice and intend on going again this weekend. Brenden Frasier has really broadened his acting ability with this film, and I hope this will encourage the movie industry to cast him in more serious adventuresome roles. The talents of Arnold Vosloo and Oded Fehr were greatly appreciated and I think (as noticed by the web sites in progress) that this is really going to catapult them into stardom. They both are beautiful men and wonderful actors. I will definitely keep checking web pages for further work from the two of them, and will be glued to ABC on Sunday to watch Oded in 'Cleopatra'. Thanks again for this site, and thanks to the makers of 'The Mummy' for making such a great movie that is destine to be a classic! Keep up the good work! -- Jennifer 

21 May - I've found a book describing the making of the movie, lot's of great pictures (sorry only a few of Oded Fehr). However, if you like Arnold Vosloo, you are in luck!  Pages and pages of full color pics of everyone's favorite mummy. Also has behind the scenes shots, interviews with cast and crew members, and how they made the mummy live again. The book is called "Resurrecting the Mummy" by Pat Cadigan. Just thought I'd let you know. -- The Rowan 

20 May - Saw The Mummy twice and I have to agree with all that Arnold Vosloo and Oded Fehr are H-O-T Hot!!!  Brendan Fraser's handsome too, but I went back to stare at Arnold again. For all you who can't get enough, here are some websites with pictures I found to ogle over: 
This one has Oded in it, but that caption is wrong. Check out p.2 of this link
Here is one of Arnold (you can click on him to get a close-up!). 

19 May - That piercing seductive gaze, that amazing physical presence, mixed with just a hint of that underlying charm and emotion ....UGH! One look from that man and I'd have to be sure and say a thousand "Hail Marry's" to make up for all my unpure thoughts:-) The more I see of Arnold the more I want! Is this man GEORGEOUS or what? Ladies, I would recommend you visit your local video stores and check out every movie he's played in so you can see what an amazing performer he really is. MORE OF ARNOLD.......PLEASE!!!!!! :-) 

19 May - Hi, I am glad to see I am not the only who was taken by Oded Fehr. Brandan is cute and all but Oded is it! I saw it the second time just to get a look at his intriguing face and well, his whole disposition. He is indeed handsome and my eyes were glued to the screen when he was on it. How about some pictures of him so I can download it? Please sign me as the FAN. 

18 May - Just say the Mummy tonight, and I see I'm not alone in my lusting after Oded Fehr. Brendan who? After spending hours trying to find info on this yummy newcomer, I came across this site. He is allegedly to appear in a Hallmark Entertainment production of Arabian Nights as well as Cleopatra-- Sorry couldn't seem to find a date. Can anyone else out there picture him as a Knight of the Round Table? I can think of dozens of roles to cast him in (Oh, to star opposite him...be still my heart!)  --  Hope 

18 May - Here it is for what it's worth right now, Oded has a lot of questions he will be answering in the near future, and the answers will be posted as soon as he sends them to me... In the mean time here is the address for Oded Fehr's Fan Club! 
Welcome to Oded Fehr's Fan Club

18 May - There is a filmography for Arnold Vosloo at www.allmovie.com.  Nothing so far for Oded though. -- DMc 

17 May - To fellow Arnold Vosloo FREEEEAKS: There are a couple of sites I found out there with pics of A.V. Here they are, check them out. 
The first one is an Arnold Vosloo appreciation page. It has a nice black & white photo of him as Imhotep (nice chest showing!) MEEEEEOW! 

17 May - Hello! I just saw the Mummy two weeks ago. I'd say it was a great movie--esp. the graphics AND the the two guys, you know who I'm talking about (Arnold Vasloo and Oded Fehr) *winks* and *smiles*. But anyways, if you want to see, I mean SEE Arnold Vasloo, he  has been in some movies like Zeus and Roxanne, Darkman 2&3, and a couple of others... I've tried searching for these two guys thru the 'net, but no info. about them... But don't forget to see "Cleopatra" and "Arabian Nights", I won't -- for sure.... hehe. 

17 May - Hey! I'm glad to see more of you putting your votes in for Arnold Vosloo! I have become a A.V. FREEEEAK since seeing The Mummy! I have looked on just about everything I can think of on the internet, and there's not much on him. There are a few sites that give his filmography. The most complete one is hollywood.com.... or at least that's a good place to start. The only personal thing I could find about him is that he's from South Africa. If anyone can find anything more, please let us Arnold CRAZED chicks know!  And Arnold, if you're out there, PLEASE start playing GOOD GUYS and maybe some rolls with a romantic love interest! Don't you girls out there think he's SOOOOOO sexy?! And what a great voice (not to mention that BEEFCAKE BOD!) MEEEEEEOW! 

17 May - Hi. I am so glad that I found your web site.  thought that I was the only one who thought that Arnold Vosloo was hot. Oh My God!!!  I had to see the movie twice just so I could see him without a shirt-type covering on!!!  I don't know much about him and would appreciate any information on him that someone could tell me about. -- Thanks_Jennifer 

16 May - Great movie, a lot of action, special effects and good comic parts. -- ED 

16 May - Ok, Arnold Vosloo is one nice piece of a**. I can't believe someone would compare him to the guy from Titanic, what an insult to his manly physic and well developed mummy persona. Good luck with you career Arnold. Oh, and Bredan Fraser was alright, and Oded Fehr was watchable too. Good jobs boys, way to make my night. -- Amanda 

15 May - In the nine days that "The Mummy" has been in theaters, I have seen it four times (including twice today). In addition to the awesome special effects, hilarious one-liners, non-stop action, and total horror, we get (to be a bit redundant) Arnold Vosloo and Oded Fehr!!! I fell in love the first night, and I'm bound and determined to marry one of them. Never mind the fact that I'm only 17, they both have the tall, dark, and handsome formula that I love so much. Not to mention the acting skills! I wish them both the best of luck, and invite them to spend some time in the wonderful city of Jamestown, North Dakota..... -- libby 

15 May - Hello again everyone. I was just thinking, this website is becoming sort of an informal message board. Very cool to come here and read everyone else's thoughts. Well, I saw "The Mummy" again last night. I cannot get enough of this movie, or Oded Fehr for that matter. He is... he is... I can't think of a word that describes him without falling short of what I want to say.  Gorgeous, sexy, handsome... and so much more! He's more than just looks, though. He has serious acting talent. On the way home from the movie last night, I was counting how many of my friends had not yet seen it so I could go with them. It is definitely worth the eight bucks to go see the movie, and Mr. Fehr. Just as a question for everyone else, how are you pronouncing his name? I pronounce it Oh-dead Fair. I hope I'm not butchering it. I just figured out what I want for my sixteenth birthday... forget a car, I want Oded Fehr! -- Marissa 

15 May - I thought the movie was great!  Lots of humor and special effects. But, Arnold Vosloo and Oded Fehr were what riveted my attention. What a great-looking couple of guys! Now, if only someone in the media would give all of us a little information about them! -- RJB 

14 May - Oded Fehr. Oded Fehr. Oded Fehr. Good Grief! I had to see "The Mummy" twice. In my wildest dreams I never thought my fantasy would show up on the screen.  How embarrassing (how thrilling!). I don't fall for actors, and he could knock me over with a feather... now if he would just make house calls... -- Michele 

14 May - Hi! Just had to say yes! there are other women who find Arnold Vosloo as gorgeous as I do. Those eyes! Wow! I have been on every search engine I can find on the net and I cannot find anything on him. If anyone has any information on him please e-mail me at Flipr7@aol.com. Thanks 

14 May - I thought the movie had a lot of stunning special effects.  Oded Fehr got most of my attention, however. He is the epitomy of tall, dark, and handsome and he had a very strong presence on the screen. I am looking forward to seeing more of him in the future. 

13 May - Man oh man, OHHH-ded Fehr, can't believe I am feeling these silly schoolgirl feelings again at my age but I want to marry this guy :-) What a beautiful man, especially in that scene where he pulls off his hat as he gets off the plane wing and out pour his gorgeous locks! Someone from the studios, please read this page and take a hint! 

13 May - Oded Fehr is hot. Enough said. -- Marissa 

12 May - I thought the movie was great!  In fact, I plan on seeing it again soon. Isn't Arnold Vosloo just wonderful!  For over a year now since I've been on the net, I've searched and searched for info about him but unfortunately, there is not a great deal to be found.  Bummer!  And, yes, I too was quite taken by Oded Fehr.  Judging by all the other comments posted, this man has really stirred up some interest! -- Kandace 

12 May - Hi!!  I saw the movie the night that it came out, and I fell in love with it!! It ranks right up there with the best. It is definitely worth seeing again, which is exactly what I am going to do this weekend. The acting was great, the humor was very weel done, and it wasn't too "fake" looking. Go Brendan Fraser!!! Awesome performance!!! Has anybody else read about his near-death experience (in real life) Look under Mr. Showbiz, fraser, Brendan!!!! 

12 May - I saw The Mummy on mother's day (with mom... clever, isn't it?) and it's one of the best movies I've seen so far. I'm getting kind of sick of all these deep, dark, boo-hoo flicks out there these days. It was good to see a nice loud movie with cool graphics, an interesting, entertaining plot and lots of cute guys! *wink* I know this is probably REALLY redundant by now, but Oded Fehr took my breath away!  He's been haunting me in my sleep with those intense features of his! I can't wait until Cleopatra comes on, maybe then we'll finally get some nice, large pix of him! 

12 May - I saw the movie this past Monday. What a great flick! The effects were superb, and I was quite mesmerized (like so many people) with Oded Fehr! With his smoldering good looks and talent, he stole the scenes, and will surely continue on to bigger and better things! Can't wait to see him in Cleopatra! -- JB 

12 May - I must agree with the comments made here. The movie was great and the special effects were awesome. I too was enthralled with the actor "all in black."  WOW!  My search to find out more about him lead me here. Oded Fehr was incredible and is surely destined for stardom. Okay, I am going to go drool over him some more. 

11 May - I just saw the movie last night. WOW! Where on earth did they find so many handsome actors?  There's no doubt about it,  Arnold Vosloo and Oded Fehr, with  those great, gorgeous faces, towering physical presences, and most importantly,  commanding acting abilities are marked for super stardom.  And it doesn't hurt to have a world-wide legion of fans either. -- Judene, LaVerne, CA 

11 May - Ok, Ok with the drooling over Oded Fehr! I couldn't wait for the mummy to get regenerated so I could see some more of Arnold Vosloo! WHAT AN AMAZING HUNK OF MUSCLE! WOW! Once you get over the creepiness of the bugs coming out of his mouth and the like, he is just simply a yummy treat to the eye! As for Oded, yes he was gorgeous too, but my vote is still for the beefcake Arnold! 

11 May - Hello, I saw the movie the second day that it was out. I think that it is a great movie. The special effects are huge, and the directing most have been good to produce such a high impact film. I rank it up there with Titanic, Armageddon, all the greats. I read all of the messages posted and a man by the name of Oded was mentioned. I don't remember who he was but I thought that Bredan Fraser played the "hero" very well. Congrates on a great movie Mr. Fraser. I am sorry that I don't remember Oded, I bet he is a great actor in the movie. Thank you for your time. -- Kimberly 

11 May - HAHA I see I am not the only one searching for information about Oded Fehr. He is incredible. I must know more!!!! 

11 May - I saw it last saturday and thought it was great. The special effects were astounding and the music was great. It was unlike any other "mummy" movie I have seen and am waiting for Mummy II. 

11 May - I saw the movie last Friday (opening night) and I loved it. Granted, I've been totally freaked out ever since, thinking there is a half-decayed flesh-eating mummy under my bed, but I can't help that. I'm not a big horror movie fan. But this movie was so fantastic... I was shaking with fright the whole time. Despite my fears, I am planning to see it again this Friday.  I also want to see it again to get my fix of Oded Fehr. What a deliciously handsome man! I found a website that is the 1997 graduates from a theater school in the UK, and his picture is on the page. Other than that, there is very little. :(  But to the person who posted about his being in ABC's "Cleopatra," thank you! I will definitely be watching that one. Hope to see more of him soon... -- Marissa 

11 May - Ever since I watched the Mummy, I can't get Oded's image out of my mind. He exemplifies the leading men of old, but with all the passion, sex appeal and bravato of actors of the 90's. My prediction is that he will be jettisoned into superstardome. Look out Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConahey. Doesn't Arnold Vosloo (the mummy) look a little like Billy Zane (titanic)? I think he was great too! 

11 May - Hi! Regarding the movie, I liked the action, the humor and the special effects. But, if you ask me, I too think that Oded Fehr stole the show right out from underneath Brendan... If there is any justice in the movie industry, that tall, dark, and devastatingly handsome man will be doing some lead roles someday soon. :) 

11 May - Saw it Sunday. I agree, Oded Fehr was so compelling. It was hard to pay attention to the other actors when he was on screen. Let's see more of him! 

11 May - I haven't seen it yet but I want to because I want to see what it's like. 

11 May - L.T.Y.-Re; Oded Fehr.  Sorry, only one website mentions him. How pathetic and neglectful.  He is fascinating though, isn't he? -- Viveca. 

10 May - Oded Fehr, the man who played "Ardeth Bay" ... aka the man in black with tattoos on his face... kept me from seeing half the movie...Who is that amazing creature that absorbed my complete and undivided attention???????? -- catherine 

10 May - I saw the man who played "Ardeth Bey"  as well, his name is Oded Fehr. This was his first motion picture debut. He was something else wasn't he? I wrote to Unversal pictures to ask for some pictures of him to be released on the web to. I did find out that he will be in the movie Cleopatra, on ABC, SUNDAY May 23rd and MONDAY May 24th, that ought to be worth watching now :) 

10 May - I thought he was so brave looking! what a beautiful thought! 

8 May - Hi! I saw The Mummy last night and I couldn't help but be overwhelmed by the actor who portrayed the guy in all black with the tattoos on his face. Wow! Who is this devilishly handsome man and where else can I see him?!?! -- L.T.Y. 


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