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    Release date: 19 June 1998 at 2,888 theaters
    Mulan Official Web Site
    Walt Disney Pictures
    Credits . Cast (voices): 
    Ming-Na Wen -------- Mulan ...................................... [Joy Luck Club] 
    Lea Salonga ---------- Mulan (singing) ......................... [Kim, Miss Saigon] 
    Eddie Murphy -------  Mushu, wisecracking dragon ...... [Karate Kid] 
    B.D. Wong ----------- Li Shang 
    Donny Osmond ------  Li Shang (singing) 
    Harvey Fierstein ------ Yao 
    Jerry S. Tondo -------  Chien Po 
    Gedde Watanabe ----- Ling 
    Matthew Wilder ------ Ling (singing) 
    James Hong ---------  Chi Fu 
    Miguel Ferrer --------  Shan-Yu 
    Soon-Tek Oh -------- Fa Zhou 
    Freda Foh Shen ------ Fa Li 
    Pat Morita ----------- Emperor .................................... [Karate Kid] 
    June Foray ----------- Grandmother Fa 
    Marni Nixon --------- Grandmother Fa (singing) 
    George Takei -------- First Ancestor ............................ [Star Trek] 
    Miriam Margolyes ---- Matchmaker 
    James Shigeta -------  General Li 
    Frank Welker -------- Khan 

    Directed by: Tony Bancroft, Barry Cook 
    Screenplay by: Rita Hsiao, Christopher Sanders, Philip Lazebnik, Raymond Singer, Eugenia Bostwick-Singer 
    Produced by: Pam Coats 
    Songs by: Matthew Wilder 
    Lyrics by: David Zippel 
    Original score by: Jerry Goldsmith 
    Associate producers: Kendra Haaland, Robert S. Garber 
    Production design by: Hans Bacher 
    Edited by: Michael Kelly 
    Art director: Ric Sluiter 
    Sound design: Lon E. Bender 
    Casting: Ruth Lambert 
    Based on a story by: Robert D. San Souci 
    Rated: G 
    Running time 88 min 

    . "Mulan", animated movie, is Disney's 36th full length animated feature which chronicles the legend of a young Chinese woman who sneaks into the army to save her father and her country. Mushu is sent by her ancestors to force her to abandon her plans. However, the feisty, fire breathing, wannabe, guardian dragon is so taken with her determination that he decides to support Mulan as she brings victory to her country and honor to her family. 

    "Mulan" was five years in the making and cost more than $100 million. It takes 10 minutes just to roll the credits for the nearly 700 people who worked on the film. Disney is expected to spend $30 million or more to market the movie domestically, compared with an estimated $60 million for "Hercules."  Most partnership advertising with other companies will not kick in until two days before its release. But don't worry, the Disney Stores will have tons of merchandise and the parks will do a parade. There are six main characters in the movie but you will probably see more of Mulan on the poster ads followed by perhaps her wisecracking dragon sidekick Mushu. 

    Box office revenue for previous Disney animated films: 

    $751 mil Lion King 1994 
    $342 mil Pocahontas 1995 
    $320 mil Hunchback of Notre Dame 1996 
    $250 mil Hercules 1997
    Video - Mulan video to go on sale priced as a sell-through on 2 February 1999. 

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    Edition Details 
    Number of tapes: 1 
    ASIN: 6305229449

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