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Message in a Bottle Movie 
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Message in a Bottle 
Release date: 12 February 1999 
Message in a Bottle Official Web Site 
Warner Bros. 
Kevin Costner -------------- Garret Blake, ship builder 
Robin Wright Penn --------- Theresa Osborne, Chicago Tribune researcher 
Paul Newman --------------- Dodge Blake 
John Savage ----------------- Johnny Land 
Illeana Douglas -------------- Lina Paul 
Robbie Coltrane ------------- Charlie Toschi, Theresa's boss at the Chicago Tribune 
Jesse James ------------------ Jason Osborne 
Bethel Leslie ----------------- Marta Land 
Tom Aldredge --------------- Hank Land 
Viveka Davis ---------------- Alva 
Raphael Sbarge ------------- Andy 
Richard Hamilton ----------- Chet 
Rosemary Murphy ---------- Helen at the B&B 
Steven Eckholdt ------------- David 

Directed by ------------------ Luis Mandoki 
Produced by ----------------- Denise Di Novi, Jim Wilson, Kevin Costner 
Associate producer --------- Leslie Weisberg 
Assistant director ----------- Bruce G. Moriarty 
Second unit director -------- Gary Capo 
Camera ---------------------- Caleb Deschanel 
Editor ------------------------ Steven Weisberg 
Music ------------------------ Gabriel Yared 
Production designer -------- Jeffrey Beecroft 
Art directors ---------------- Steve Saklad, Mark Zuelzke 
Set designers --------------- Masako Masuda, Andrea Dopaso, Mike Cukers, Nancy Deren 
Set decorators -------------- Dorree Cooper, Elaine O’Donnell 
Costume designer ---------- Bernie Pollack 
Sound ------------------------ Jose Antonio Garcia 
Visual effects --------------- Cinesite Digital Studios 
Casting ---------------------- Amanda Mackey Johnson, Cathy Sandrich 
Screenplay ------------------ Gerald DiPego 
Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks 
MPAA Rating: PG-13 
Running time: 132 min 
In "Message in a Bottle", you have a romantic letter in a bottle that acts as a vehicle to connect two people. Theresa Osborne is from the Chicago Tribune, and follows the source of the bottle until she meets Garet Blake, a ship builder on the Outer Banks. Their relationship is slow to develop as they both find they have much in common. 

Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks. 

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by Nicholas Sparks 
Hardcover - 322 pages (April 1998) 
Warner Books; ISBN: 0446523569
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Fan Comments 
22 Jun - I've seen Message in a Bottle several times now and I find the movie funny and sad at the same time. It was a great romantic drama and Kevin played his character absolutely terrific, and he was so great with Paul Newman as his father. I have the movie poster from the premiere and I can't wait until it comes out on video ! Kevin Costner, you're a wonderful actor, I'm one of your biggest fans. Keep making good movies ---------- and the best of everything to you ! Thank you for letting me comment. -- B e v . 

19 May - I loved the movie, Kevin was perfect as Garret. It's so refreshing to see good movies made again about love, romance and character. ... I watched as many times as I could in the theater and still want to watch it again, and again. -- Thanks, Darlene 

7 May - I thought that Message In a Bottle was an extraordinary movie. It was romantic and very thrilling at the same time. The movie makes you relax, even if you're in a tense mood. Kevin Costner was just awesome. Well, thank you for listening to me! -- Nicole 

7 May - What a wonderful film!!!  My Kevin has spent a career making great movies but in this one, he acts his socks off!!  Wright-Penn gives an honest portrayal of a woman finding love ( even wanting to set the right mood... "Let me tidy my room up, light a few candles and ...take a shower...."; and Paul Newman and Costner bonded so well it would be a great pity not to renew that on- screen male chemistry in the future. Funny, romantic, moving; for anyone who ever hoped that there is more out there, if a soul dares to take a risk.... I've seen it twice in three days.  Do yourselves a favor and get lost in an ocean of visual images, tidal musical moments and the sea-green of Kevin's eyes, and be prepared to want to find  "your true north"...  Kritina, Belfast. 

17 Apr - I thought that Message In A Bottle was a GREAT movie but I didn't really like the ending. I fell that Garret shouldn't have died. I hope that you make a second Message In A bottle were Garret (Kevin) sends letters to Theresa (Robin),and other people find them. Then Theresa reads the paper and sees that her true love really isn't dead. So she sets off to find him and when she does they get married. -- Kristen

7 Apr - Message In A Bottle was very moving and poignant film. The writing in this movie touched my heart.  In fact, I got a journal because of this movie! I know that this sounds pretty silly but what the hey! -- Nancy 

3 Mar - The movie touched my heart and soul. I have never been so moved by a movie, until I watched message in a bottle. I thank all the people who put so much effort and passion that made this possible. Words can't describe how I feel. Thank you. -- M 


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