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The Matrix Movie 
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The Matrix 
Release date: 2 April 1999 
The Matrix Official Web Site 
Warner Bros. 
Keanu Reeves ------------ Neo 
Laurence Fishburne ------- Morpheus 
Carrie-Anne Moss -------- Trinity 
Hugo Weaving ------------ Agent Smith 
Gloria Foster ------------- Oracle 
Joe Pantoliano ------------ Cypher 
Marcus Chong ----------- Tank 
Paul Goddard ------------ Agent Brown 
Robert Taylor ------------ Agent Jones 
Julian Arahanga ----------- Apo 
Matt Doran -------------- Mouse 
Belinda McClory --------- Switch 
Anthony Ray Parker ------ Dozer 

Produced by -------------- Joel Silver 
Executive producers ------ Barrie Osborne, Andrew Mason, Andy Wachowski, Larry Wachowski, Erwin Stoff, Bruce Berman 
Co-producer ------------- Dan Cracchiolo 
Directed by --------------- the Wachowski brothers 
Written by ---------------- the Wachowski brothers 
Camera ------------------ Bill Pope 
Editor -------------------- Zach Staenberg 
Music -------------------- Don Davis 
Production designer ------ Owen Paterson 
Art directors ------------- Hugh Bateup, Michelle McGahey 
Set designers ------------- Sarah Light, Jacinta Leong, Godric Cole, Hudith Harvey, Andrew Powell, Deborah Riley 
Set decorators ------------ Tim Ferrier, Lisa (Blitz) Brennan, Marta McElroy 
Costume designer --------- Kym Barrett 
Sound -------------------- David Lee 
Sound designer/supervising sound editor --- Dane A. Davis 
Visual effects supervisor ----------- John Gaeta 
Conceptual designer -------------- Geoffrey Darrow 
kung fu Choreographer ----------- Yuen Wo Ping 
Makeup special effects ----------- Bob McCarron 
Animatronic prosthetics ----------- Makeup Effects Group Studio, Paul Katte, Nick Nicolaou 
Stunt coordinator ---------------- Glenn Boswell 
Associate producers ------------- Richard Mirisch, Carol Hughes 
Assistant directors --------------- Colin Fletcher, James McTeigue 
Second unit director ------------- Bruce Hunt 
Second unit camera -------------- Ross Emery 
Casting -------------------------- Mali Finn, Shauna Wolifson 
MPAA Rated R for sci-fi violence. 
Running time: 136 min 
In "The Matrix", the movie, you have a super sci-fi movie action packed with computer generated morphing and martial arts. These guys hang in space. They are not your normal marital arts. A fight for the future. 

Action, Sci-Fi. 

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"The Matrix: Music From The Motion Picture
Various Artists - Soundtracks - 1999, Don Davis 
Audio CD (March 25, 1999) 
Wea/Warner Brothers; ASIN: B00000IFW8 
Track Listings  
1. Rock Is Dead - Marilyn Manson 
2. Soybreak - Propellerheads 
3. Bad Blood - Ministry 
4. Clubbed To Death - Rob D (Kurayamino mix) 
5. Prime Audio Soup - Meat Beat Manifesto 
6. Leave You Far Behind - Lunatic Calm (Lunatics Roller Coaster mix) 
7. Mindfields - Prodigy 
8. Dragula - Rob Zombie (Hot Rod Herman remix) 
9. My Own Summer (Shove It) - Deftones 
10. Ultrasonic Sound - Hive 
11. Look To Your Orb For The Warning - Monster Magnet 
12. Du Hast - Rammstein 
13. Wake Up - Rage Against The Machine
"Matrix: Soundtrack - Edited Version
Audio CD (March 30, 1999) 
Wea/Warner Brothers; ASIN: B00000IJBK
Fan Comments 
14 Jul - Incredible effects and action.... Cool action... The Matrix is one of the greatest movie i've ever seen....

13 Jun - I've seen the movie 16 times. I'm afraid to tell people that! This movie has entered my speech patterns. I quote from it daily. My wife says I talk like Cypher or Agent Smith. Why, oh why don't I sound like Morpheus? Its like a darn book of life. I've transcribed most of the movie. You might tell from my address I've been taken by this movie. Thanks for the opprtunity to share this.

6 May - "The Matrix" is an excellent movie. It has action, magnificent visual effects and a good argument that use different myths and believes references that reveal many of our characteristics like Human Beings. Two thumbs up for "The 
  Matrix"!! -- M D A 

5 Apr - I think that this is one of the more original ideas for a movie that I have seen in quite some time.  I enjoyed watching it in the theater and I plan on going back several times - as do my friends! 


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