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  • . Man in the Iron Mask 
    Release date: 13 March 1998 
    Man in the Iron Mask Official Web Site - Official  Web Site 
    MGM/United Artists
    Credits . Cast: 
  • Leonardo DiCaprio --- dual role as French King Louis the XIV and the Man in the Iron Mask Phillippe
  • Jeremy Irons ----------- as Aramis, one of the three Musketeers
  • John Malkovich ------- as Athos, one of the three Musketeers
  • Gerard Depardieu ---- as Porthos, one of the three Musketeers
  • Gabriel Byrne --------- as D'Artagnan, friend and former Captain
  • Anne Parillaud -------- as Queen Anne
  • Judith Godreche ------ as Christine, the unfortunate lady who attracts the King
  • Peter Sarsgaard -------- as Raoul, suitor of Christine sent to the front for certain death
  • Edward Atterton ------- as Lieutenant Andre
  • Directed by: Randall Wallace 
    Written by: Randall Wallace 
    Novel by: Alexandre Dumas 
    Music by: Nick Glennie-Smith 
    Edited by: William Hoy 
    Produced by: Russell Smith, Randall Wallace 
    Co-producer: Paul Hitchcock, Rene Dupont 
    Executive producer: Alan Ladd Jr. 
    Director of Photography: Peter Suschitzky 
    Production designer: Anthony Pratt 
    Costume designed by: James Acheson 
    Casting: Amanda Mackey Johnson, Cathy Sandrich 
    Rated PG-13 for sequences of violence and some sensuality/nudity. 
    Running time: 132 min 

    . Based on the classic novel by Alexandre Dumas. The romantic mystery adventure film involves the Musketeers who are intent on liberating France and freeing a prisoner who isn't at all who he seems to be. This movie is the third installment of Dumas' Three Musketeers trilogy. 

    The Other One - Not to be confused with "The Man In The Iron Mask" with limited release in February 1998. This other movie is a low budget indie directed and written by William Richert, an Invisible Studio/The Fastest Cheapest Best Film Corp./ Jerry Seltzer presentation also based on Alexandre Dumas' Three Musketeers tales. 

    Mixed Reviews - Mixed reviews of Man in the Iron Mask so far. Some report that the direction is uneven. Most report that DiCaprio is fine in both of his roles. 

    Leonardo - So Leonardo fans should not be disappointed particularly if they like him in his very long hair. Leonardo plays the ruthless libertine king as well as the contrasting kind, sensitive and touching Phillippe. In the movie, one brother becomes the king of France while the other is imprisoned and many do not realize he even exits. 

    Three Musketeers - All for one and one for all. Are these the three Musketeers or a rock group? The observant D'Artagnan remains loyal to his king. While Aramis, Athos and Porthos attempt to replace Louis on the throne with his twin brother Phillippe. Later they try once again to replace the evil monarch. 

    Nice Day for A Walk In The Country - While some may find the direction uneven and the action not quite as exciting as might be expected. Enjoy the people in the roles. Take a look at the French countryside and wonderful period costumes. It is a fun movie to watch. Leonardo fans in particular should enjoy it. 

    Video - Video for Iron Mask is due out 11 August 1998. 

    Box Office North America Weekend of 20 - 22 Mar - Iron Mask in its second week drops from second to third as Titanic sets another record with 14 consecutive week at number 1. Based on preliminary numbers available Sunday 22 March, Iron Mask weekend results were $11.2 million and total to date is an estimated $34.6 million. 

    Opening weekend marked the first time this decade when one star, DiCaprio, had the top two films at the box office.

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