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. Lolita 
Release date: 24 July 1998 LA, 25 September 1998 LA/NY 
Release date: September 1997 it was released in Europe 10 months prior to the US release. 
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Showtime - Television premiere 
Goldwyn  - US movie distributor
Credits . Cast: 
Jeremy Irons ------- Humbert Humbert, 45 year old college professor 
Dominique Swain -- Dolores, aka Lolita 
Melanie Griffith ---- Charlotte Haze 
Frank Langella ----- Clare Quilty 

Directed by: Adrian Lyne 
Produced by: Mario Kasar, Joel B. Michaels 
Music supervisor: Stephan R. Goldman 
Music composed orchestrated and conducted by: Ennio Morricone 
Costume designer: Judianna Makovsky 
Edited by: Julie Monroe, David Brenner 
Production design by: Jon Hutman 
Director of photography: Howard Atherton 
Still photography: Darren Michaels, John Seakwood, Peter Sorel 
Screenplay by: Stephen Schiff 
Based on the novel by Vladimir Nabokov 
Rated R for aberrant sexuality, a strong scene of violence, nudity and some language. 
Runing time  2 hr 17 min 

. "Lolita", the movie is about a 45 year old college professor, Humbert Humbert, who becomes sexually obsessed with a 12 year old girl, Lolita. 

Humbert Humbert teaches French literature in a small town in New England in the year of 1947. He becomes the tenant of Charlotte, a lonely widow, who is also the mother of Dolores, better known as Lolita. Humbert marries the landlady who is later killed by a speeding car. Humbert, as the orphan's tutor, begins a journey across the States. 

Based on the 1954 classic novel by Vladimir Nabokov. 

The original movie was in 1962 and directed by Stanley Kubrick. 

VHS - Blockbuster released the film on video early in 1999 but it was only available for rental in the Blockbuster chains stores. On 12 October 1999, Trimark released the movie for sale on both VHS and DVD. The DVD version features Lyne's commentary, deleted scenes, a documentary and some casting footage between Irons and Swain. Swain was 15 when she did the movie.

Opening - "Lolita" had a one week Oscar qualifying run 24 July 1998 in a Beverly Hills theater. The film grossed $41,089. 

TV - Showtime Networks, a wholly owned subsidiary of Paramount's parent company, Viacom Inc. had made a deal to acquire the U.S. rights. The movie debut Sunday 2 August 1998 on the premium cable network with three additional airings throughout the month. "Lolita" scored a 1.7 overall household rating (a 9.7/15 in Showtime homes) which is thought to be the cable net's highest rating in the past two years. 

Theatrical Release - The film was released on 25 September 1998 in Los Angeles and New York followed by its release across the country. 

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